Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Homecoming 2015

Tonight is Hannah's last homecoming dance in high school. 
She and her best friends went together and I hope it'll be a good and memorable night for them! 

Heute Abend ist Hannah's letzter "homecoming dance" in der high school.
Sie ist mit ihren besten Freundinnen gegangen und ich hoffe sie haben einen schoenen Abend, an den sie sich gerne zurueck erinnern werden.


  1. All the girls look beautiful and I hope they had the best time!

  2. Oh wow, they look amazing!! I hope they had a great time.

  3. beautiful girls and I hope they had the best time ever!!!

  4. Oh my, Anke....Hannah is all grown up and absolutely beautiful!!!

  5. That is one beautiful daughter you have there, Anke. I hope that she had a wonderful time with her best friends. xo