Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Monday, June 22, 2015

Off and on the needles

It's done! Finally!
When I started this shawl it was a lot of fun to knit - then I got to the border...
It is really not a difficult pattern at all, but for some reason I could not commit the pattern to memory  - especially in the last few rows. Add to that the fact that I thought I'd run out of yarn...
Anyway, it is done and I'm happy with the end result.

Das Tuch ist fertig! Endlich!!
Als ich damit angefangen hatte hat es richtig Spass gemacht es zu stricken - bis ich an die Borduere kam. Das Muster selbst ist eigentlich gar nicht schwer, aber ich konnte es mir einfach nicht einpraegen - vor allem die letzten paar Reihen. Dazu kam noch das ich mir nicht sicher war ob die Wolle reichen wuerde...
Egal, jetzt ist das Tuch fertig und mir gefaellts. 

After working on the shawl for several weeks (my knitting projects always seem to take longer in the summer month) I needed some instant gratification. What better than to knit some socks. Hope my sister likes them... :-)

Nachdem ich an dem Tuch ein paar Wochen lang gestrickt habe (im Sommer brauche ich immer laenger um etwas fertig zu stricken) wollte ich etwas schnelles auf den Nadeln. Die Antwort hierzu - Socken. Ich hoffe sie gefallen meinem Schwesterherz. :-)


  1. It's a beautiful shawl Anke. Oh that living on the edge and worrying about running out of yarn can be kind of thrilling huh? Although truth be told it's not a thrill I like to experience too often.
    Your sister is going to love those socks, great yarn!

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love your colour combination. You must be thrilled with it.

  3. OMG...your shawl is gorgeous !!! and the socks are going to be adorable....

  4. Beautiful!! I know just the feeling about taking on a small project after a large one...

  5. Your shawl is beautiful - the colours make me think of the wingspan of a bird of prey!
    Fun sock yarn!!!

  6. lovely shawl! I do like when I memorize a pattern :) However having a challenging one is rewarding as well!

  7. That is just fantastic. I'm always amazed at what you can create with your hands!

  8. The shawl is beautiful. I love the colors.

  9. Gorgeous shawl! I like the sock yarn too, your sister is lucky.

  10. Beautiful shawl, Anke!!! Out of all knitted things, I love shawls the best and that one is a beauty!!!