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- Sir Winston Churchill

Friday, May 1, 2015

Another project done...

Whew... This was a project that we hadn't planned on doing to begin with, and then once we got started just got worse...
When we moved into our house the laundry room floor was done in those "sticky" tiles. The color wasn't too bad, it was only the laundry room, so we didn't really give it much thought. They worked and that's all we cared about. Well, recently they started breaking at the edges and coming up. You can see it in those photos, all the dark lines are where the tiles were coming apart.
They were glued on top of the linoleum and it was coming up right along with the sticky tiles - time to get busy and replace some flooring. 

Dieses Projekt war eigentlich gar nicht geplant, und als wir es angefangen haben, wurde es immer schlimmer..
Als wir in das Haus eingezogen sind, hatten die Vorbesitzer einfache Klebefliessen in die Speisekammer/Waschraum auf den Boden geklebt. Die Farbe war ok, es war nur der Waschraum und so hat uns das eigentlich gar nicht allzu sehr gestoert. Sie waren funktionell. Leider fingen diese Klebefliessen vor ein paar Wochen an zu broeckeln und wurden lose. Man kann es auf diesen Bildern erkennen, alle dunklen Linien im Boden sind Stellen wo lose waren.
Die Fliessen waren auf den Linoleumboden geklebt und der kam dann mal gleich mit den Klebefliessen hoch. Zeit also den Boden zu erneuern...

 The plan was to move everything out of the laundry room except the water heater since that really was installed in a way that was not meant to be moved. We got busy, started moving things and then noticed the water heater had a leak! That was the reason the tiles were coming up, water had seeped under the sticky tiles as well as the linoleum. :-( The leak was somewhere in the back, the drip pan was cracked - a bad combination.

Geplant war alles bis auf den Wasserheizer aus dem Waschraum zu raeumen, dieser war leider so installiert, dass man ihn nicht wegmachen konnte. Wir haben also alles raus, mussten dann aber feststellen, dass der Wasserheizer ein Leck hatte und das Wasser unter die Fliessen und unter das Linoleum gelaufen ist. Dies war auch der Grund warum die Fliessen bruechig waren. :-( Das Leck war irgendwo hinten am Heizer, die Pfanne die darunter steht hatte Risse - eine boese Kombination.
 Well, since everything war moved out already, Greg started to partially tile the laundry room so we could at least get the washer and dryer back in. The plan had been to have this done in three days and we already knew that wasn't going to happen. :-(

Nachdem wir schon alles rausgeraeumt hatten, hat Greg angefangen wenigstens einen Teil des Waschraums zu fliessen damit wir  Waschmaschine und Trockner wieder reinstellen konnten. Geplant war das Projekt in drei Tagen fertig zu haben, der Plan hat sich leider in Luft aufgeloest. :-(
 Greg tiled most of the room, except the area around the water heater. It needed to dry out and we needed to figure out how to proceed about the heater. We had somebody come out to give us an estimate about a tank less heater,but that turned out to be way above what we were willing to spend.

Greg hast fast den ganzen Raum gefliesst - bis auf die Stelle wo der Heizer stand und wo der Boden zu feucht geworden war und trocknen musste. Wir liessen dann jemanden kommen um einen Kostenvoranschlag fuer einen "tanklosen" Wasserheizer einzuholen. Das waere dann aber so teuer gekommen, dass wir beschlossen es nicht zu machen.
 After (yet another) trip to Lowe's we came home with a new water heater that Greg was able to install himself. I am so glad he's such a handy guy and is able to do all these things!!
The project that was supposed to take three days wound up taking almost two weeks from start to finish. Yikes...

Wir sind also wieder in den Baumarkt geduest und haben einen neuen Wasserheizer gekauft den Greg gluecklicherweise selbst installieren konnte. Ich bin so froh und dankbar, dass er das alles machen kann!!
Das Projekt das in drei Tagen fertig sein sollte hat dann insgesamt fast zwei Wochen gedauert.
 Our laundry room/pantry is not a Pinterest worthy room for sure, but it is functional and we are pretty happy with the new floor. I was just glad to be able to put everything back where it belonged. :-)

Unser Waschraum/Speisekammer ist definitiv nichts was man auf Pinterest finden wuerde, aber sie ist funktionell und uns gefaellt der neue Boden. Ich war heilfroh, als ich alles wieder an Ort und Stelle raeumen konnte. :-)

We got this project done just in time before the next one got started. Luckily that one worked out without any problems. I'll show you what that was soon...

Dieses Projekt wurde gerade rechtzeitig fertig bevor das naechste Projekt begonnen wurde. Bei diesem hat auch alles reibungslos geklappt. Was das war, zeige ich euch die Tage...


  1. Some projects seem so easy at first. Glad you finally got it done, it looks great!

  2. You know, while it was not what you expected when you started it's a good thing you discovered that leak before it did damage to the subfloor. The tile looks great and I know you are thrilled to have that all done.
    I live with a handy man too, they're the best! :)

  3. So sorry about the leak---that certainly made it a bigger-than-expected problem, but all is done and you guys can check off another project done! Wonderful! Love the new floor. Have a good weekend!

  4. It is good that you discovered that leak before it did any more damage! It looks great now! In the
    UK we tend to have water heaters in a cupboard which we use to store bedding and towels in. Some of the warmth, not much as the tank is insulated, helps to keep things 'aired' the door is slatted to help the air circulate and we call them the airing cupboard. :). It is interesting how we all do things slightly differently.

  5. we've done floors many times and know the time involved. Looks lovely and I bet it feels wonderful now that the old sticky tiles are out. have fun having hot water again :) :)