Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, April 12, 2015


We had a great weekend!!
Yesterday we and lots of our friends participated in a poker run to support the American Cancer Society. It was good fun and raised money for a very worthy cause.
The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful day for a ride. 

Wir hatten ein tolles Wochenende!!
Gestern haben wir mit Freunden einen "poker run" fuer einen guten Zweck mitgemacht. Der Erloes wurde der "American Cancer Society" gespenden und ich hoffe es kam viel Geld zusammen. Wir hatten viel Spass und das Wetter haette nicht besser sein koennen. 

 We passed this tree covered in wisteria on our way home. It is not too far from us and every year I tell myself I need to take some pictures. This year it finally worked out!

Dieser Baum ist komplett mit Glyzinie (?) ueberwuchert. Seit Jahren will ich schon davon ein Bild machen, gestern hat es endlich geklappt als wir mit dem Motorrad auf dem Heimweg waren.
Today was spent working in the backyard. I cleaned off the patio, weeded some beds and took care of a few odds and ends. The old wheelbarrow got a makeover again this year. Last year I jut placed pots with different plants inside the wheelbarrow, this year I decided to plant some directly into it. Should look really pretty once they all fill in some.

Heue habe ich fast den ganzen Tag im Garten verbracht. Ich habe die Terrasse sauber gemacht, ein bissl Unkraut gejaetet und hier und da ein bissl was getan. Die alte Schubkarre ist nun wieder presentabel. Letzes Jahr habe ich verschiedene Blumentoepfe rein gestellt, dieses Jahr beschloss ich direkt in den Schubkarren zu pflanzen. Wenn alle Pflanzen etwas groesser geworden sind, hoffe ich das es noch besser aussieht.
 Planted to old cake mold with new succulents. I had brought it inside during the winter but most of the succulents didn't do so well and had to be replaced.

Ich habe die alte Gugelhupf Form wieder frisch bepflanzt. Ich hatte sie den Winter ueber im Haus, aber leider hatten die meisten Pflanzen es nicht ueberstanden und so musste ich neue kaufen.
 Another work of art by my friends husband. I adore this rooster he made for me!!

Wieder ein Kunstwerk das der Mann meiner Freundin gemacht hat. Ich finde diesen Gockel spitze!


  1. What a wonderful weekend. Love the planted wheelbarrow. Have a great week!

  2. Looks like another fun weekend!
    I've never had luck with succulents in the house---guess the lighting isn't up to par. It gets funner every year to shop for replacements, though---they are really getting some interesting selections of them, even at the big box stores.

  3. I love planted wheelbarrows, I had one myself a long time ago, I wish I still did. Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend, Anke! Love the rooster...the wisteria is so beautiful and love your wheelbarrow.

  5. love the rooster, I collect them sort of. The garden sounds like it's shaping up and that wisteria vine is gorgeous! I've always wanted a wisteria and haven't planted one.

  6. Just look at that wisteria, it's gorgeous. There is wisteria growing all around here, but we don't have any on our land.
    I love that you guys ride for cancer, my husband's cousin and her husband do the same thing.
    I hope your week is a great as your weekend.

  7. love that rooster and the wheelbarrow planter !!! sounds like your weekend was a lot of fun... Have a great week

  8. That Wisteria is amazing. My parents had some unruly wisteria on their old house, it always used to grow over my bedroom window! Love the rooster.

  9. What a cool rooster. Poker Runs are a lot of fun. And for such a good cause - makes it all the better. Have a great week!