Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We love feeding squirrels and watching their antics.
The chickens have decided they love squirrels, too. Not for their antics though, but for the corn they drop while eating. :-)
Wir fuettern gerne Eichhoernchen da es echt lustig ist ihnen zuzusehen.
Die Huehner finden Eichhoernchen mittlerweile auch toll, bzw sie sind vom Mais den sie fallen lassen ganz begeistert. :-)
 Seedlings are getting big and have since been transplanted into individual pots.
Die meisten Samen sind mittlerweile aufgegangen und wurden teilweise schon in ihre eigenen Toepfchen gepflanzt.
 Trying to grow some sweet potatoes...
Versuche dieses Jahr mal suess Kartoffeln...
 Working on (my first) a colorful quilting project.
Habe beschlossen (meinen ersten) einen bunten quilt zu naehen.
 Finished the striped socks, they will be gifted to my lovely sister.
Die Socken kamen gestern von den Nadeln und sind fuer mein Schwesterherz bestimmt.


  1. There is always so much going on at your place--that's so nice.
    Love the fabric for your quilting project....they sure have some pretty things out now.
    Enjoy the week

  2. Love those socks!!! Seedlings, how exciting.

  3. I need to send all of my squirrels your way, I use to think they were cute until they decided to be gluttons and eat all the fruits from my trees. ;)

  4. Your seeds popped up quickly! Let me know how the sweet potatoes do; I've never tried them before! Love the quilt colors. The squirrels should work WITH the chickens to double up the treats.

  5. Seedlings how wonderful, I am looking forward to that time too. I think I might try my hand at my first quilt this year too, I love the fabrics you have chosen.

  6. You have been really busy! Everything looks very nice! :)

  7. I do love your striped socks! the burst of red is delightful. Looks like spring is inching it's way into your life. We still have lots of snow.

  8. Adorable stripey socks! And your seedlings are far ahead of mine! So excited for spring and growing our own food! Enjoy!

  9. I've never seen sweet potatoes started that way , very neat. Those socks are adorable.

  10. looks like you have been busy! I love sweet potato vines... :)

  11. You are such a busy gal!! I envy your ability to see the ground! Pretty soon I will be doing the same...preparing gardens and getting seeds planted. Spring is just around the corner. Wonderful socks...of course! And, I cannot wait to see the quilt finished.