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- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yarn along

After a long pause, I'm finally joining Ginny for her weekly yarn along again.
Since finishing the hat, I decided I needed to focus on knitting some socks again. 
There is still some sock yarn in my stash that needs to be used up and I think I'm going to make another pair or two after these.
The pattern is called Maggie and the yarn is KnitPicks, stroll in the colorway "North Pole Heather".
Kind of fitting since it is snowing here right now.
I am using that term loosely as you can see by the "snow" pictures. :-)
Nachdem ich nun schon ewig lange nicht mehr bei Ginny's yarn along mitgemacht habe, bin ich heute endlich mal wieder dabei.
Schon waehrend ich die Muetze gestrickt habe, hatte ich beschlossen danach mal wieder Socken zu stricken. 
In meinem Wollfundus befindet sich noch einiges an Sockenwolle und die werde ich jetzt mal verarbeiten.
Das Muster heisst Maggie und die Wolle ist von Knitpicks, stroll in der Farbe "North Pole Heather". 
Passt ganz gut da es bei uns gerade schneit.
Wenn ihr die Bilder anseht, wisst ihr was ich mit "Schnee" meine. ;-)


  1. Lovely socks! We just made some of those painted stones for a checkers game for our school playground. They look great. And I love the blue yarn - gorgeous!

  2. What gorgeous socks! Enjoy that snow :)

  3. Very cute socks, I especially love the ruffle top.
    Snow, oh I wish it would snow here.

  4. love the cuff detail of the pattern, nice, and wow! snow for you, that is pretty cool.

  5. I haven't worked up the nerve to try socks yet. I think there is a pair in the Simple Collection that I am working through. Can't wait! Yours are very nice!

  6. Oh, I just love that last picture!! I've been knitting socks lately, too. :)

  7. The socks are lovely....and you'll need them to keep your toes warm!!!!

  8. It's nice to see you on a yarn along day! The socks look great. And you have snow!

  9. liebe anke,
    die farben und das muster für die socken sind wunderschön. das letzte foto gefällt mir!!!!!!
    schnee haben wir hier in hessen leider nicht.
    wünsche dir noch eine schöne restwoche,
    liebe grüße,regina

  10. What a beautiful shade of blue that yarn is...and makes into such a lovely sock!

  11. The cuff of the socks are adorable!

  12. Beautiful sock pattern and such lovely yarn.