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- Sir Winston Churchill

Friday, February 20, 2015

Today, Bluebirds...

It's been snowing for a while now and the bluebirds keep coming...
Es schneit jetzt schon 'ne ganze Weile und die "bluebirds" kommen immer noch zum Trinken.


  1. Oh, what a mean face in that second picture---LOL--but still a beautie! You certainly have a fine spot for the birds.

  2. How blessed you are to have Bluebirds to visit you, Anke. They are one of my very favorite birds.

  3. What a sweet little bluebird. I haven't seen any blue birds here, but the robins and cardinals have been busy.
    Enjoy a great weekend.

  4. How sweet! I have a cardinal couple that come and visit the bird feeder. Also a red headed woodpecker and various other assorted little birds. I love to watch birds.

  5. how lucky are you! We used to see bluebirds all the time in our previous house. Now I see hawks, blue jays, cardinals and sparrows. great photos!