Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Monday, January 26, 2015


are all I seem to manage for the blog right now....
Here are a few from the weekend:
Greg saw a recipe and asked if we could try it over the weekend.
It was a really yummy stir fry - at least Greg and I loved it. 
The girls didn't care for all the veggies - which I knew was coming while making it. 
Im Augenblick fehlt mir irgendwie die Zeit um oefters zu bloggen.
Hier nur ein paar Photos vom Wochenende:
Greg hatte ein Rezept gefunden und wollte es ueber's Wochenende ausprobieren.
Ein "stir fry" mit viel verschiedenem Gemuese - ihm und mir hat's geschmeckt, die Maedels waren vom vielen Gemuese nicht so begeistert.
 Hannah requested coleslaw as part of the meal a while back. Believe it or not,it was the first time I ever made it! Until a while back nobody but me really cared for it and I didn't see the reason to make a whole batch for just one person. I guess their taste buds are changing! :-)
Hannah wollte "coleslaw" (eine Art Krautsalat) als Teil unseres Mittagessens. Bisher war ich immer die Einzige die coleslaw mochte und so war dies das erste Mal das ich das Rezept ausprobiert habe. Ich bin froh, dass ich nun nicht mehr die Einzige bin und so wird es dies nun oefters bei uns geben.
 She also requested Mexican cornbread which I was very happy to make. I love cornbread!
Sie wollte auch "mexikanisches Maisbrot" und das habe ich nur allzu gerne gemacht. Ich liebe Maisbrot!
 Sunday, after the rains.
Sonntags, nachdem es geregnet hatte.
 Socks for a friend.
Socken fuer eine Freundin.


  1. Lovely snippets from our days :) All the delicious looking food it making me hungry. Love the socks.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. We eat a lot of stir fry here, I love it.
    I have a wonderful recipe for coleslaw that I make for barbeques, rehearsal dinners, ect, if you would like to try it.

    1. I'd love to try your coleslaw recipe Tracey!

  3. Snippets are good! Most of the time I think I take up too much space with too many words! :)
    That stir fry look really good!

  4. I'll take the stir fry and the cole slaw!!! I love both. Lovely skies and socks. Snippets work for me!!!

  5. I sure do like your snippets. You have such a wonderful life. And here I thought I "owned" the good life-LOL!

  6. Your dinner looks delicious, where can we find the recipe?
    I always enjoy the sun after a rain, and this is a beautiful capture!

  7. Lynda, here are the links: is where I got the coleslaw recipe from. I added less sugar though and increased the salt to 1 tsp.
    The Mexican cornbread recipe is from Paula Deen. We liked it, but next time I will use less sugar.

  8. That stir fry looks amazing, Anke! It is odd how our taste buds change as we go along in life.

    And I love the socks, sweet friend!

    xo Dianna

  9. my sis makes the best coleslaw....yum! I love tons of veggies so that dish would be mighty fine. Isn't it nice to be busy with life?? Have a super week!