Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Monday, December 1, 2014


Goodness, since we've all been home since Wednesday this felt more like a mini vacation than a long weekend... It was filled with lots of good things and we all enjoyed it very much!
* Went to our neighbors for Thanksgiving, then had our own version of it at home the next day.
* Decorated the house inside and out for Christmas.
* Took the girls to see "Mockingjay" and then walked around one of our outdoor shopping areas for their tree lighting ceremonies.
* Crossed over to the dark side and bought an artificial tree. ;-) I've been resisting it for years, but as time went on I changed my mind.
* Decorated said tree.
* Knitted another set of boot cuffs and started a new project.
* Nadia had a friend spent the night and Hannah spent the night at a friends house.
* Walked eight miles with a girlfriend this weekend.

How was your weekend?

Meine Guete, da wir seit Mittwoch alle zuhause waren, war dies kein langes Wochenende sondern ein Mini Urlaub. Wir haben viel unternommen und gemacht und es hat uns allen gut getan.
* Waren bei unserer Nachbarin fuer Thanksgiving eingladen und hatten dann unser Thanksgiving zuhause am naechsten Tag.
* Haben das Haus innen und aussen weihnachtlich dekoriert.
* Sind mit den Maedels ins Kino um "Mockingjay" anzuschauen. Danach sind wir in einem Einkausviertel herum gelaufen um die Beleuchtung anzusehen.
*Wir haben uns einen kuenstlichen Christbaum gekauft. Lange war ich ja dagegen, aber nun habe ich endlich nachgegeben.
* Dieser Baum wuerde dekoriert.
* Habe ein zweites Paar boot cuffs gestrickt und ein neues Projekt angefangen.
* Nadia hatte eine Freundin hier  zum Uebernachten und Hannah hat bei einer Freundin geschlafen.
* Bin mit einer Freundin 8 Meilen gelaufen.

Wie war euer Wochenende?


  1. Your tree looks lovely. And I love those cuffs :)

    1. Thanks Kim. They are so quick and easy to knit.

  2. Anke, I have to say congratulations on joining me on the dark side with the purchase of your artificial tree. This makes our second one...and I have to say that I've loved them both, but this one especially. Yours is beautiful in shape and in decoration!

    Your weekend sounds wonderful! Glad you were invited to a friend's home for Thanksgiving this year. :)


    1. Thank you Dianna. :-) I grew up with live trees and ever thought I'd EVER get an artificial one. Once we got the wood floors I kept worrying about spilling water and the needles and finally gave in. It is kind of nice not to have to string the lights and I don't have to lay on my stomach to water it any more either. ;-) Best thing is, the lights are multicolored or white so hubby and I can take turns.

  3. TWO thanksgivings? yum! I've had a fake tree since my daughter was 8 yo. Makes allergies much much better :)

    1. I bet it does help with allergies Karen. Luckily that isn't something we have to worry about. :-) So far it is nice not having to sweep up needles every day...

  4. I love my fake tree. :) I've been paranoid since having kids that our real tree would burn down the house!!! LOL. Your's looks lovely. So glad you had a nice Looooooonnnnngggg weekend; those are the best!

    1. I am glad we bought it Suz. It is very nice not having to worry about watering it and the wood floor underneath it. And the needles, gosh it was always such a mess getting it out of the house....