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- Sir Winston Churchill

Saturday, November 1, 2014


This year marked another first for the four of us - our first Halloween not spent together!!
Nadia was invited to a friends house for a bonfire/Halloween party but decided not to get dressed up.
Hannah and her boyfriend were invited to a different Halloween party and chose to make their costumes together. 
Here are Cookie Monster and Cookie!
A family on our street was moving out and we were lucky enough to score a huge cardboard box to make the cookie. All we did was glue felt chocolate chips to it and add ribbons for the straps.
Cookie Monster was pretty easy to make, too.
We bought 8 yards of tulle and created a tutu by tying strips to a ribbon. To add a little extra "umph" we hot-glued some blue feathers to the tutu. For the headpiece we bought a foam rubber crown, folded and hot-glued the points and then hot-glued a feather boa to it. We took two ping pong balls, glued wiggly eyes to them and then added it to the headpiece. Hannah already had the blue shirt and shorts and we got lucky and found the perfect blue tights at Tarjay. 
I think it turned out really cute. 
Dieses Jahr sah unser Halloween ganz anders aus als in den letzten Jahren - zum ersten Mal haben wir vier getrennt gefeiert!
Nadia war zu einer Halloween Party/Lagerfeuer eingeladen, beschloss aber sich nicht zu verkleiden.
Hannah und ihr Freund waren auf eine andere Party eingeladen und haben ihre Kostueme miteinander gemacht.
Hier sind Cookie Monster und Cookie!
Eine Familie die in unserer Strasse wohnte ist die Tage ausgezogen und wir hatten Glueck und bekamen eine grosse Schachtel um Cookie daraus zu machen. Wir haben nur "Schokostueckchen" aus Filz darauf geklebt und das ganze mit Baendern verbunden.
Das Cookie Monster war auch ganz leicht. Wir haben ca. 8 Meter Tuell gekauft, ihn in Streifen geschnitten und an ein Band geknotet. Um den Tutu noch ein bissl herzurichten haben wir blaue Federn darauf geklebt. Fuer die Kopfbedeckung haben wir eine Krone aus Plastik gekauft und die Enden nach innen geklebt. Darauf haben wir dann eine Federboa mit Heisskleber befestigt. Fuer die Augen nahmen wir zwei PingPong Baelle auf die wir zwei Wackelaugen geklebt hatten. Das T-shirt und die blaue kurze Hose hatte Hannah schon und die blaue Strumpfhose haben wir bei Target gefunden.
Ich finde die Beiden sehen richtig gut aus.
Greg and I changed our costume plans at the last minute since it was a pretty cold night. We just dusted off our old pirate costumes.
Greg und ich wollten eigentlich anders verkleidet gehen, aber da es eine richtig kalte Nacht war, haben wir einfach unsere alten Piraten Kostueme angezogen.
 Everybody brought food to share and we brought two dishes. I made Eye of Newt - deviled eggs colored with blue food coloring, an olive and red mayo to make them look bloodshot. They rested on a bed of worms - spaghetti cooked in water with black food coloring. I thought it would turn the spaghetti black, but they wound up purple. Oh well...
I also made Roasted Fleshworm. This was basically just a pork tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto. After it was cooked I cut out the mouth in a semicircle and added uncooked spaghetti for teeth. I cut a slit into the stomach of the worm and let some grainy mustard and chopped tomatoes ooze out. It was delicious!! 


  1. You are so gifted when it comes to creativity, Anke! I absolutely adore Hannah's and her boyfriend's costumes! You and Greg look really good, too! And your food just shows how creative you truly are! Loved it all!

  2. Such clever ideas for the food---I'm sure it was delicious, but don't know if I could eat something that looks so, um, -----icky. LOL!

    You have so much talent. Love the cookie costume!

  3. I love the clever costumes and I lol'd at your food. The flesh worm? LOOKS DISGUSTING. :0 You are too funny.

  4. so festive! love the pirate costumes and glad you were warm in them. The cookie monster and cookie was a pretty clever idea!! I would have never thought of that.

  5. You are amazing Anke, I love the eggs and hope I have an opportunity to do the same thing here.
    You look great in your costume.