Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Our weekend was the perfect combination of work and fun.
We started Friday night with birthday dinner (and margaritas) for Greg's birthday, followed by a family movie night.
Saturday was spent:
* raking pine needles
* cleaning the chicken run
*cleaning up some veggie beds
* cleaning the pool area
* putting up the umbrellas and some furniture
* helping out at the carnival booth for the swim team
 Sunday we decided to drive to Nashville and explore the city. 
We had a yummy lunch and walked around for a while before heading back home sometime in the afternoon. 
Nashville has so much to offer and since it's really fairly close, we plan on heading that way more often. 
Unser Wochenende war die perfekte Kombination zwischen Arbeit und Spass.
Wir haben es gleich richtig am Freitag Abend angefangen und sind zum Essen  (und Margaritas trinken) gegangen um Greg's Geburtstag zu feiern. Danach haben wir miteinander einen Film angesehen.
Am Samstag haben wir:
* den Garten von Kiefernnadeln befreit
* den Huehnerfreilauf sauber gemacht
* ein paar Beete winterfertig gemacht
* den Pool und alles drum herum gereinigt
* die Sonnenschirme und Moebel verraeumt
* bei einem Stand fuer's Schwimmteam ausgeholfen
Sonntag beschlossen wir dann nach Naschville zu fahren um die Stadt zu erkunden.
Wir sind lecker essen gegangen und haben dann die Innenstadt fuer eine Weile unsicher gemacht.
Nashville hat soviel zu bieten, und da es nicht weit von uns weg ist, wollen wir oefters mal "einfach so" hinfahren.


  1. Hah! I was in Boston yesterday, we were sister city people :) I'm exhausted though from the walking. Love that you live close enough for a day trip.

    1. If you ever make it down this way, I'll take you to Nashville for a day!!

    2. It's a date! I'd love that :)

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Happy birthday to your Greg, they are always fun.
    I love the bridge photo!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Love having days filled with fun and also a bit of work--brings a satisfying feeling. A little work, a little play. Variety is good.
    Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  4. You got a lot accomplished! We want to visit Nashville one day…I've heard only good about that city!

  5. Oh, happy belated birthday to Greg!

  6. Your weekend sounds like a nice combination of work and fun! Doesn't it feel good to have the out of doors organized and prepared for colder weather? I just have a couple more things to do outside and we are set.