Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

From old to new - to me

Last time I went to the thrift store I found this converse shirt for a couple of bucks. I loved the detail in the front, the 3/4 sleeves and how lightweight it was. Couldn't pass it up. 
I did not however like the length - it kind of felt like a sleep shirt and came almost to my knees.
Das letzte Mal als ich im Second hand Laden war, habe ich diese Converse Bluse fuer ein paar Dollar gefunden. Mir hat das Detail am Vorderteil, die 3/4 Aermel und auch wie luftig die Bluse war sofort gefallen und ich konnte nicht wiederstehen.
Was mir nicht gefallen hat war die Laenge. Die Bluse ging mir fast bis ans Knie und war meiner Meinung nach ein bissl "Nachthemdartig".
 I also discovered this little patched area smack dab in the middle of the back - again for a couple of bucks I was willing to risk it.
Ausserdem habe ich diese kleine Stelle genau mitten im Rueckenteil gefunden - fuer die paar Dollar war's mir das aber wert.
Here's what I did, easy peasy:
Shortened the shirt and added a little elastic in the back where the small patch had been. It adds a little gather and makes the shirt a bit more fitted. 
So hab ich die Bluse geaendert, kinderleicht:
Ich habe sie um einiges gekuerzt, und an die Stelle an der sie im Ruecken genaeht war, habe ich ein kleines Gummiband genaeht. Es ruescht das nun ein bisschen und die Bluse hat dadurch auch etwas mehr Form.
What do you think, better or not?
Was sagt ihr dazu, besser vorher oder nachher?

And yes, in case you are wondering,the camera is not adding some weird tint, my hair is purple. ;-)
Falls ihr euch wundert, der Photo spinnt nicht, meine Haare sind wirklich lila. ;-)


  1. Ha, my niece has purple hair, I love it!
    I have that exact shirt except in red, and wear it as a mini dress with leggings. You really have a talent for transforming clothes, it looks awesome.

    1. I thought about keeping it the original length Tracey, but then I thought I might get more wear out of it this way. You'll have to show me a picture of yours one day. :-)

  2. I think you are an amazing person ...especially when it comes to transforming clothing. Perhaps you should become a fashion designer...and I am NOT kidding you, my friend. Hugs from WV

    1. Believe it or not Dianna, that is what I wanted to do when I was in my teens. That is why I became a seamstress to begin with, because it was a requirement to go on into clothing design. Then I met Greg, we moved to the States... the rest is history. ;-)

  3. I think that elastic in the back adds a fantastic touch. Must be nice to have so much talent with sewing, etc. You do marvelous things!

  4. I love the shirt. Easy peasy for YOU….not so much for me. :)
    Love the purple 'do. Lolo just got purple extensions….so darn cute on you too!

    1. Thanks Suz. I've been after purple hair for a while and my friend was finally able to do it. Took some trial and error... ;-)

  5. you are a whiz at upcycling clothes! I think you could go into business :)

  6. What a great idea! The shirt looks wonderful! :)