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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trail of Tears 2014

Yesterday was the annual Trail of Tears ride. We've been doing this for a few years now and yesterday was the greatest turn out we have ever seen. 
For the first time the meeting place in Huntsville was at the Harley dealership and we were told there were around 4000 bikes/participants. 
It was a sea of motorcycles...
Gestern haben Greg und ich wieder die Trail of Tears Motorrad Tour mitgemacht. In all den Jahren seit wir mitfahren, haben wir noch nie so viele Teilnehmer gesehen. Es ging zum ersten Mal beim Harley dealer los und uns wurde gesagt das 4000 Motorraeder bzw. Teilnehmer dabei waren. 
Ein See von Motorraedern...
 Lots of interesting bikes or shall we say vehicles to see.
Es gab viele interessante Motorraeder oder "Gefaehrte" zu sehen.

 Bikes ahead of us as far as we could see.
Vor uns war eine lange Schlange von Motorraedern.

The scenery:
Gab auch noch andere Sachen zu sehen:

 Posing ;-)
In Pose gestellt ;-)
 Beautiful night sky on the way home. It was a beautiful, warm and great day!!
Wunderschoener Abendhimmel auf dem Heimweg. Es war ein warmer, toller und fantastischer Tag!!


  1. What a gorgeous area to ride in….lovely skies. I love the creative bikes too!

  2. That looks like so much fun. I've never ridden on a motorbike, I need to add it to
    my list!
    Have a beautiful week.

  3. I haven't been on one either :) Love that you all were together on a gorgeous day!!

  4. WOW...that is a lot of bikes! I'm glad that you and Greg were able to attend again this year...and judging from the pictures I would say you had a beautiful day, weather wise, for such a ride!