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- Sir Winston Churchill

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Color run 2014

The color run came to Huntsville for the first time this year and we decided to be a part of it.
I had already done one in Nashville with a friend last year and really enjoyed it, and this year I was able to talk Greg and Hannah into going. Still working on Nadia for the next one... ;-)
Der "color run" fand dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal in Huntsville statt und wir beschlossen daran teilzunehmen.
Ich bin letztes Jahr schon mal in Nashville mit einer Freundin mitgelaufen, dieses Jahr konnte ich Greg und Hannah ueberzeugen mitzumachen. Muss noch ein bissl an Nadia arbeiten... ;-)

 A sea of white shirts...
Ueberall weisse T-shirts...
It was a lot of fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! It's only 5km anyway...
Es hat grossen Spass gemacht und ich wuerde sofort wieder mitlaufen. Sind ja nur 5 km...


  1. Fun, fun, fun. They have the Color Run in Savannah each year, and I really want participate.

    PS - I nominated you for a blog hop.

  2. Oh I remember the last color run! my does time fly.....I would do a color walk, but not a run. Beautiful day for you and your family!

  3. We did it last year and had a blast. I probably won't do it again only because the cornstarch went into my lungs and I suffered for months afterwards with my asthma! I may do a regular 5K one day though.

  4. The number of runners in your family continues to increase! I'm looking forward to seeing Nadia involved, also! :) It looks as if you all had fun!

  5. How fun for the three (plus boyfriend?) of you! I love that you get all 'colored' up during this race!