Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Monday, August 25, 2014

This weekend

Walked outside Sunday morning to a beautiful sunrise and a surprise rainbow.
What a nice way to start the day!
Heute morgen hat mich ein wunderschoener Sonnenaufgang begruesst und einen Regenbogen gab's gratis dazu. 
Ein toller Start in den Tag!

-This weekend was hot enough to enjoy some serious pool time, but we were lucky enough to get rain in the evening.
-We were able to get a few things accomplished in the yard/garden and took advantage of the pool to cool off.
-Greg and I took brisk 2 mile walks Saturday and Sunday morning in preparation for the upcoming color run.
-Nadia was invited to a birthday party one day and had a friend over the other day.
-Hannah went to see a movie and go shopping with a friend on Saturday and we had to pick her up because the battery in her car died. Luckily it was in a Target parking lot and it was still light out.
-We enjoyed two family movie nights which meant knitting time for me as well. ;-)
It's been a good weekend!!
-Dieses Wochenende war es richtig heiss und wir haben den Pool in vollen Zuegen genossen. Gluecklicherweise hat es Samstag Abend auch geregnet so das wir keinen Garten giessen mussten.
-Wir konnten einiges im Garten erledigen und den Pool zum Abkuehlen benutzen.
-Greg und ich sind am Samstag und Sonntag frueh jeweils 2 Meilen gelaufen da wir im September den "Color Run" mitmachen werden.
-Nadia war am Samstag auf Geburtstag eingeladen und hatte am Sonntag eine Freundin zu besuch.
-Hannah ging am Samstag mit einer Freundin ins Kino und shoppen - wir mussten sie dann aber Abends abholen da die Batterie von ihrem Auto leer war. Es ist aber auf einem grossen, belebten Parkplatz passiert und gluecklicherweise war es auch noch hell.
-Hatten zwei "Familien-Filme-Abende" miteinander und ich konnte dabei schoen stricken. ;-)
War ein schoenes, erholsames Wochenende!


  1. knitting, movies, family.....and a place to escape the heat! Can't get any better than that!!! Hope the week goes as well.

  2. Your sky photos are so beautiful! How nice to get a little rain to cool things off. This morning I noticed it was cooler when I went outside and we are only going to be 88 today, I'll take it over 100 degrees.
    My exercise has taken a serious hit due to the weather, but I hope to get back at it this week.
    Hooray for movies and knitting!

  3. Gorgeous sky. Love that you had such a good weekend (aside from the dead battery)….getting in exercise is always a bonus!

  4. Aside from battery problems, sounds like a terrific weekend-family, movies, knitting, swimming. Life is good!

  5. adoring the sky photos! A color walk/run sounds like fun, didn't you do one last year? is it the same one? It's hot this week and I think we are seeing another cool down..Not too sure, wasn't paying attention when the weather was on.

    1. A friend and I ran the color run in Nashville last year. This year it will be in Huntsville and Greg, Hannah, her friend and I (plus some friends) are running it together. Couldn't convince Nadia to join us...

  6. What a beautiful sunrise, Anke! I love it that we both enjoy the skies...whether it be clouds, sunrises, sunsets or rainbows!

    I know how happy you were that if the battery in Hannah's car had to die that it did so in the circumstances you mentioned. Oh my...hugs. I know that was a grateful moment in your heart.

    I'm doing a bit of blog reading and commenting this evening! I hope your evenings are enjoyable.

  7. Hallo Anke, es freut mich dass du bei mir kommentiert hast.
    Deine Socken sind ganz wunderbar geworden und einen ähnlichen Sonnenaufgang habe ich letzte Woche auch fotografiert (und natürlich auf dem Blog veröffentlicht).
    Viele Grüße über den großen Ozean!

    Greetings & Love