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- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yarn along

                                                                       I'm back!
                                                   Joining Ginny for the weekly yarn along.
After taking a few weeks off to just spend time with my mom and really not getting a lot of knitting done anyway, I finally have something to show again. This Lace Ribbon Scarf has been on my needles for quite a while now. For some reason I had a hard time memorizing the pattern (even though it is really easy) and I definitely couldn't focus on it while we had company. I seem to have it down now (hope I didn't just jinx myself) and enjoy knitting it again.
The book "A man named Dave" is the third in a series by Dave Pelzer. I read the first one "A child called it" several years ago, and it truly is horrific reading about the abuse he had to endure.
                                                                  Ich bin wieder da!
Nachdem ich ein paar Wochen yarn along Pause gemacht habe, bin ich endlich wieder mal dabei. Ich habe einfach die letzten paar Wochen mit meiner Mama genossen und da sind die Nadeln so ziemlich liegen geblieben. An diesem Lace Ribbon Scarf stricke ich nun schon eine ganze Weile, aus irgendeinem Grund konnte ich mir das Muster einfach nicht einpraegen. Mich auf Stricken und unterhalten konzentrieren ging schon gar nicht. Mittlerweile "flutscht" es aber und der Schal macht mir nun richtig Spass.
Das Buch "A man named Dave" ist das dritte in der Serie von Dave Pelzer. Es ist (leider) eine wahre Geschichte ueber seine unwahrscheinlich brutale und traumatische Kindheit. Man kann sich gar nicht vorstellen, was er als kleines Kind mitmachen musste...

While the scarf was on hold, I did pick up the needles for a "mindless" pair of socks. With the pretty self striping yarn, no pattern was needed. I could knit and talk just fine! ;-)
Waehrend der Schal auf Halde lag, hatte ich beschlossen ein Paar ganz einfache Socken zu stricken. Mit der huebschen Wolle war kein Muster noetig und ich konnte problemlos stricken und ratschen. ;-)


  1. Love the pattern on the scarf and the earthy colors you chose, very pretty.

  2. I love the socks! You do such beautiful work...and I love the stripes pattern that develops as you knit!

  3. That is a very pretty scarf and I love the socks. The Aise pattern is super easy, but I still have to look at the pattern each time I begin a new row, argh!

  4. I read A Child Called It, but haven't read the those socks! Hopefully the scarf willmgonfast now...

  5. I love mindless knitting for the summer, so easy and carefree :)

  6. The socks are adorable….you can knit and talk?? YOU are so talented. :) I can't do anything and talk. LOL.
    The books sound too sad for me, but his story does intrigue me.

  7. So glad to "see" you again! The socks are awesome!

  8. The socks are a delight and the earthy hue of the shawl yarn is beautiful.

  9. love the long single color with the sock repeat.....look great!!!!

  10. A good friend finished that scarf last year and I keep going back and forth on it... maybe I will have to knit one someday!

  11. Love the socks in those pretty colours.
    I've read a Child called It but not the others.

  12. I've been on a blog break of sorts much going on in life during these summer months! Enjoyed seeing your other posts about your site-seeing! :)

  13. Pretty socks :)

    I keep meaning to read Dave Pelzer, I think I shall add A Child Called It to my next amazon order