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- Sir Winston Churchill

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Nadia finally got to celebrate her 14th birthday with her friends yesterday. Originally she wanted to celebrate at "Shakalaka" (a new trampoline place in town) but they kept pushing their opening day back several times. (At first it was supposed to open in April, then May... it finally opened a week or so ago.)
She invited a bunch of her friends over for swimming, food and games. I think they all had a good time together. :-)
Gestern konnte Nadia endlich ihren 14. Geburtstag mit ihren Freunden nachfeiern. Sie wollte eigenlich bei "Shakalaka" (einem neuen Trampoline Park) feiern, aber leider wurde der Eroeffnungstermin immer wieder verschoben. (Erst hiess es April, dann Mai - vor einer guten Woche haben sie dann endlich geoeffnet.)
Sie hat sich einige Freundinnen zum Schwimmen, Essen und Spiele spielen eingeladen und ich glaube alle hatten Spass dabei. :-)
The grill meister at work.
Der Grillmeister bei der Sache.
 As party food Nadia requested Hamburgers, hot wings, watermelon, brownies and cookie cake. (She actually baked the cookie cake herself.)
Zum Essen wollte Nadia Hamburger, hot wings, Wassermelone, Brownies und einen cookie cake. (Den cookie cake hat sie sogar selbst gebacken.)

 After swimming, food and games it was time to open presents.
Nachdem geschwommen und gegessen war, ein paar Spiele gespielt wurden, war es an der Zeit Geschenke zu oeffnen.
 Two of Nadia's friends surprised her with artwork for her room that they had painted themselves. This one matches the colors of her room perfectly.
Zwei von Nadia's Freunden haben sie mit selbstgemalten Bildern ueberrascht. Diese hat genau die Farben die Nadia in ihrem Zimmer hat.
 This one was a huge hit with everybody, it's Savvy and Harley and Nadia was over the moon with it. Needless to say, both paintings are already hanging in her room.
Dieses Bild von Savvy und Harley war Nadia's Lieblingsgeschenk. Sie war uebergluecklich und beide Bilder haengen schon in ihrem Zimmer.


  1. It looks as if everyone had a great time celebrating Nadia's birthday. Whoever did the Happy Birthday and decorating around the top of the cookie cake did an EXCELLENT job! Love the picture of Hannah and Nadia! Nadia has some awesome artist friends! The one of Harley and Savvy is amazing! Looks like a fun day!

  2. What a great looking bunch of young people and what a great way to celebrate a birthday.
    Those paintings are amazing and what a treasure to have for years to come; I bet they look super
    hanging on the wall.

  3. happy birthday to your daughter! Looks like you had the best party with yummy food and fun :) She is growing up fast!

  4. What kind and considerate friends Nadia has! Her gifts are lovely and thoughtful. What a nice party. I've always been a fan of home parties with good food and pool fun!!!