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- Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, June 12, 2014

From the kitchen

Joining Heather for the kitchen blog hop.
Homemade bagels, gotta get better at folding in the ends.
Bin wieder bei Heather's blog hop dabei.
Selbstgemachte Bagels, muss nur noch lernen sie richtig rund zu machen.
 Tried making kale chips for the first time. Lessons learned, don't crowd the kale, make sure it's really dry and adjust seasoning.
Gruenkohl Chips. Das naechste mal muss ich die Blaetter besser trocknen und nicht so viele auf's Backblech legen.
 Sunday lunch prep.
Vorbereitung fuer's Mittagessen am Sonntag.
 First beans from the garden.
Die ersten Bohnen aus dem Garten.
 Sunday roast.


  1. Everything looks delicious ^_^ Yum!!

  2. Homemade bagels are WONDERFUL! It is one of our Easter traditions, though I'm not sure how that came to be. Your polenta looks yummy too, and the roast, and... and... and...

  3. I've never made bagels before, yours look great Anke.
    Another tip on kale chips...make sure you watch them close because they burn quick and the smell is not pleasant, ahem.

  4. Those bagels look amazing, and your table is so pretty!

  5. The bagels, I agree, look amazing. I haven't tried kale chips yet either (I keep eating the kale in other things), so I'll take your advice into account when I finally get to it!

  6. Now I am TOTALLY hungry after viewing all of your wonderful food pics, Anke! I have tried making other vegetable chips, but not the kale. I think I'll give that one a try.

  7. Oh those bagels look delicious and perfect! I do like kale chips but alas, I'm the only one....

  8. Yummy! Your roast, the polenta, the kale chips (we've missed for a few weeks!) Thank you sharing your kitchen this week.

  9. Yes, those bagels look amazing. I have made lots of bread in my day, but never bagels. Great week!

  10. My goodness you have made me HUNGRY now!!! That roast looks magnificent :)

  11. I think after all that, a little nap would be nice!