Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hannah and I went to the library on Friday since she needed to talk to one of the librarians there. She has decided to volunteer two days a week during the summer and needed to find out which days she'd be working. Of course I had to check out their "for sale section" (like I always do) and returned home with four books. This is the one I am most proud of, doesn't look like much on this picture, but it has over 1000 pages of chocolate recipes!!! Yes that is not a typo, it has over 1000 pages! The very best part, I paid a whopping 10 cents for this book. Actually every book I bought was only 10 cents each, so I made sure to donate a little extra to the library fund... 
Vergangenen Freitag sind Hannah und ich in unsere Buecherei gefahren. Hannah hat beschlossen im Sommer zwei Tage die Woche dort auszuhelfen, und sie wollte hoeren an welchen Tagen sie eingeteilt ist. Unsere Buecherei hat eine Abteilung in der sie gebrauchte Buecher verkaufen, und ich muss dort jedes mal ein bissl stoebern. Dieses Mal habe ich vier Buecher gekauft, aber auf dieses bin ich besonders stolz. Sieht nach nichts besonderem aus, aber dieses Buch hat ueber 1000 Seiten mit Schokoladen Rezepten!! Ihr habt das schon richtig gelesen, ueber 1000 Seiten!! Das Beste an der Sache war, das ich fuer dieses Buch nur 10 Cent bezahlt habe! Fuer vier Buecher habe ich 40 Cent bezahlt! Nachdem das echt wenig war, habe ich etwas mehr gespendet, da mit dem Erloes des Buecherverkaufs die Buecherei vergroessert werden soll.


  1. Oh yes, you scored big! Wow!

  2. Score!!
    And don't forget to share those recipes that you rate EXCELLENT!

  3. chocolate!!!! That is the best ingredient ever in any food I eat :) Congrats!

  4. Now that is what I call a book sale! A thousand pages of chocolate recipes! WOW! It is better in your hands than mine...I'd have to try each one and that could be detrimental to our health right now! lol Great buy! I'm so proud of Nadia for volunteering at the library this summer!

  5. That is a score indeed! When can I come to enjoy some chocolate with you, friend? ;)