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- Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, May 29, 2014

From the kitchen

Joining with Heather again this week after skipping last week. What can I say, the last week of school is always crazy and I didn't have the time. 
Cooking the rhubarb for a rhubarb streusel tart. I saved the rhubarb syrup to add to some plain yogurt and fruit.
Diese Woche mache ich wieder bei Heather's kitchen blog hop mit. Letzte Woche war unsere letzte Schulwoche und da geht es bei uns immer drunter und drueber. Hatte also leider keine Zeit mitzumachen.
Hier habe ich den Rhabarber fuer einen Rhabarber Streuselkuchen vorbereitet. Das Rhabarber Syrup habe ich aufgehoben um es mit Joghurt und frischem Obst zu mischen.
 The rhubarb streusel tart/cake. It's a German recipe and it is so very good!
Der Rhababer Kuchen, eines meiner Lieblingsrezepte.
Made granola bars from scratch again. Dianna posted the recipe on her blog and I have to say it is hands down the best granola bar I have made so far!!
Habe mal wieder selber Muesli Riegel gemacht. Das Rezept stammt von Dianna's blog und ich muss sagen, es sind die besten Muesli Riegel die ich bisher gemacht habe!!
"Low country chicken bog" from South your mouth.
"Low country chicken bog" von dem blog South your mouth.
 Making mashed potatoes.

 Quinoa cookies, recipe from here. They taste fantastic, but mine kept falling apart. Not sure if I did something wrong or if that is normal...
Quinoa Plaetzchen, Rezept ist von hier. Sie sind gesund und schmecken total lecker, nur sind meine immer auseinander gefallen. Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob das normal ist, oder ob ich etwas falsch gemacht habe...
 The parsley is growing like crazy in the garden, so I decided to harvest and dry a bunch.
Die Petersilie waechst wie verrueck und so beschloss ich einen Teil zu ernten und zu trocknen.
 Wheat and seed bread. It has sesame seeds, poppy seeds and I added chia seeds and flax meal as well.
"Weizen und Samen" Brot. Im Rezept angegeben sind Sesam und Mohn, ich habe noch Leinsamen und "Chia" dazugegeben.
Lunch, an oven baked omelet and salad with greens from the garden.
Mittagessen, ein im Ofen gebackenes Omlett und Salat aus dem eigenen Garten.


  1. Das sieht alles sehr lecker aus, besonders der Rhabarber Kuchen

  2. That cake looks delicious! I really need to try those granola bars.

  3. Hmm, das sieht köstlich aus. Vor allem "Quinoa-Plätzchen" klingt spannend!

  4. Yum, you have been busy! :)

  5. hallo anke,
    lauter leckere dinge die du in deiner küche gezaubert hast. ist noch was vom rhababer-streuselkuchen übrig? komme gleich mal vorbei.
    bis bald,

  6. I love both streusel topping and rhubarb. Yours looks delicious and I must check out that granola bar recipe too. Thanks for sharing.

  7. yum yum, looks delicious and wonderful.

  8. Add a little more peanut butter to your quinoa cookies and that should keep them from falling apart.
    My family loves chicken bog and I haven't made it in a long time, I think I need to remedy that soon, thanks for the reminder.

    You have cotton fields? My great Uncle is a cotton farmer in Mississippi, but here on the coast you don't see it much.

    1. We have lots of cotton fields in Alabama. It is quite something in the fall when there are seas of white everywhere. Thanks for the tip with the cookies!

  9. You are one creative woman, my friend! I would never have thought to keep the rhubarb water to use to flavor yogurt but it just so happens I have some rhubarb and yogurt in the fridge right now! Thanks for the tip!

    The quiona cookies look awesome! I make a peanut butter cookie with quiona flour that are really tasty, too. Have you heard of the blog, My Ambitious Kitchen? She has a lot of recipes that I know you would love. I follow her on facebook, as well as her blog.

    And I am so glad you like the granola bars, Anke. I need to make some over the weekend.

  10. Oh, your rhubarb is lovely and reminds me that I have some I've been ignoring! Must make something!!

  11. Your bread looks delicious! And a "ricer" does make perfect mashed potatoes.

  12. Holy Mackeral… are a master in the kitchen!!! Your family is so lucky. Yum