Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Green, green and more green

Things are greening up nicely in the garden. 
We had another (late) frost yesterday morning, but I am hopeful that it didn't do too much damage. 
I covered up some things and when I took the covers off, some didn't look too "happy". 
Time will tell...
Langsam wird's schoen gruen im Garten.
Gestern frueh hatten wir leider noch einmal Frost und ich hoffe das dies nicht allzu grossen Schaden im Garten angerichtet hat.
Ich habe vieles abgedeckt, aber als ich gestern Nachmittag alles aufgedeckt habe, hat manches nicht allzu "gluecklich" ausgesehen.
Wir werden sehen...


  1. Everything is coming up nicely. It was cold here this morning, but no frost. I think if it was just a light frost your unhappy plants should perk back up.
    Love your flowers in the rabbit [?] planter.

    1. I think it's a dog, but I'm not sure. One day while running with my daughter I found it on the side of the road. Dragged it home, gave it a fresh coat of paint and voila. ;-)

  2. Denke auch an die Eisheiligen am 12.5 !!!! Grüssle von Sylvia

  3. Your garden is looking lovely and spring like!! Very pretty photos!

  4. Do you think Mother Nature is jealous of your garden and is trying to scare you with the chill???
    Looks great to me; enjoy!!!!

  5. wow, your garden looks great , hope the chill didn't hurt anything.

  6. hallo anke,
    oh bei dir sprießt ja schon jede menge.lustig finde ich das metalltierchen!!!!
    hier ist es ungewöhnlich warm für den april......habe heute die ersten kleinen pfirsiche an meinem bäumchen entdeckt,hoffe das welche übrig bleiben.
    habe noch einen schönen tag,
    alles liebe regina

  7. Your green looks so nice. We've had a few nice days but is it possible that I might see snow tomorrow?? At least cold and yucky. Send some green this way please!!

  8. Your raised beds all look so good, Anke. Love the splash of color in the doggie! :)