Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Friday, March 28, 2014

That's a lot of dirt...

After a week delay we finally had the load of topsoil delivered this past Tuesday. They guy drove up and dumped 10 scoops of it into our driveway.
Since none of you volunteered to help ;-), I got to work right away carting it to the back. One wheelbarrow at a time...
Mit einer Woche Verspaetung wurde uns am vergangenen Dienstag endlich die Erde fuer das neue Beet geliefert. Der Laster kam und hat 10 "Schaufeln" voll bei uns in die Auffahrt gekippt.
Nachdem keiner von euch zum helfen vorbei kam ;-), habe ich mich gleich ans Werk gemacht und eine Ladung nach der anderen in den Garten gekarrt. Einen Schubkarren nach dem anderen...
 I was able to do 30 wheelbarrow loads before Greg came home from work, and then we did another 10 together. He was actually sick and by then my arms had pretty much turned to mush, so we stopped for the day.
Bevor Greg nach Hause kam konnte ich 30 Schubkarren voll in das Beet kippen. Zusammen haben wir dann noch 10 gemacht, aber da er eigentlich krank war und meine Arme sich mittlerweile wie Gummi angefuehlt hatten, haben wir aufgehoert.
 Wednesday the girls went out to help me with it, and luckily one of our neighbors offered his help as well. We were able to get it all done in several hours. I still need to spread the soil evenly in the bed, but my arms still feel like jello so I decided to wait until this weekend.
Am Mittwoch sind die Maedels dann mit mir raus um zu helfen, und gluecklicherweise kam ein Nachbar und bot uns auch seine Hilfe an. Wir haben den ganzen Berg innerhalb ein paar Stunden beseitigt! Ich muss die Erde noch etwas besser im Beet verteilen, aber da ich immer noch vollen Muskelkater in den Armen habe, muss das bis zum Wochenende warten.
 I kept track of how many wheelbarrow loads were dumped in the bed until our neighbor started helping. After he showed up I kind of forgot about it,but there were at least 10 to 15 loads more...
Bis unser Nachbar angefangen hat uns zu helfen, hatte ich die Schubkarren Ladungen gezaehlt. Danach hab ich's dann vergessen, aber es kamen mindestens 10 - 15 Ladungen dazu.
I am soooo glad this is done!
Ich bin total froh, dass ich das nun hinter mir habe!


  1. I would have helped if I lived close by and then I would have recruited you to help me around the green house ;) I think we are going to have fabulous looking arms by the time summer ends and some wonderful vegetables on the table.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. That was my mantra "it's a great workout, it's a great workout"... :-) Would love to help you in the greenhouse if you lived nearby!

  2. This looks so nice! Like a huge pile of wood stacked up - a lot of work, but knowing how much your work will pay off, so worth it! And your arms will shrink back to the normal length with time :o) Don't they almost drag on the ground now?? Planting excitement awaits you!

  3. Oh ja das sieht wirklich nach viel Arbeit aus,gerne hätte ich dir geholfen! Schön wen man nette Nachbarn hat. Liebe Grüße aus Schwabach von Christine und eine schöne Woche .

  4. What a beautiful vegetable garden that is going to make, Anke! I can visualize it now! :) And Greg did an AWESOME job on the raised bed! I hope by now your arms are feeling better. Bless your heart. That was a lot of hard work you did.

  5. you are getting quite the workout with your garden! That is quite a lot of dirt. Last last year we had a dumptruck's worth of topsoil for our back yard that developed a huge pothole (our back yard is graded towards a cliff and not graded properly). Lucky for me I did not have to help :)

  6. 30 wheelbarrows full is a LOT of work,---especially just coming out of winter. But wow-it's going to be so nice planting up that bed. It looks terrific!

  7. Oh my gosh….I can't believe you did so much by yourself. YOU are a shero. (I paid a teen boy to help me)
    I'm so excited about your improved garden!

  8. Flowers? Veges? Whatever you plant there it has a nice deep bed to grow in. Raised beds are a favorite of mine. Happy planting!