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- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Knitting and reading

I am still working on my purple lacy shawl. LOVE the yarn and the color, adore the pattern, but even thought he middle part of the pattern is pretty repetitive I can't seem to concentrate on it for very long. My knitting takes place in the evening on the couch, and after knitting a few repeats they all seem to look alike. I can't keep track of where I'm at anymore and that's when I know it's time to stop. Maybe I need to start a second "mindless" knitting project to grab when I'm done with concentrating on this one...
The book I'm currently reading is "Garden of Stones" by Sophie Littlefield. It's a story about a Japanese-American girl and her mother that were taken to Manzanar prison camp after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Truthfully, I had no idea that Japanese-Americans were rounded up and sent to prison camps. I know the story is fictional, but it gives insight into what it might have been like for some of them. 
Ich bin immer noch fleissig dabei meinen lila Schal zu stricken. Ich LIEBE die Farbe und das Muster, aber obwohl der mittlere Teil des Musters immer wiederholt wird, kann ich mich nicht allzu lange darauf konzentrieren. Meistens stricke ich Abends wenn ich auf dem Sofa sitze, und wenn ich das Muster ein paar mal wiederholt habe, schaut alles gleich aus. Ich kann mir nicht mehr merken an welcher Stelle ich bin, und dann weiss ich , dass es an der Zeit ist aufzuhoeren. Vielleicht sollte ich ein zweites Projekt beginnen das ganz leicht nebenher zu stricken ist...
Das Buch das ich gerade lese heisst "Garden of Stones" von Sophie Littlefield. Es dreht sich in der Geschichte umd ein japanisch-amerikanisches Maedchen und ihre Mutter, die nach der Attacke auf Pearl Harbor in ein Gefangenenlager geschickt wurden. Ich muss ehrlicherweise gestehen das ich keine Ahnung hatte, dass Japan-Amerikaner alles aufgeben mussten und in Lager verfrachtet wurden. Die Geschichte ist zwar erfunden, aber man kann sich dadurch ein Bild davon machen wie es fuer viele Leute damals war.
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  1. oh that shawl is going to be g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!!!!! (but having a mindless project to fall back on is ALWAYS a good idea!!!.....reason to have bunches of ufo/s!!!)

  2. Hello Anke,
    Your knitting work looks delicate and very very beautiful! The colour looks like Pantone's color of the year 2014:)

  3. That is such a pretty purple!

  4. It will be a beautiful shawl when it's done!
    And a mindless project is always great to have - perfect to knit on while watching tv too ;)

  5. I love the color of your yarn. It looks so great among the snow! I can send you some more snow if you want. We have had enough!

  6. Your shawl is lovely. I have to have an easy project if I'm working on a hard one for sure. Your lace is beautiful. Lace is a bit daunting for me but I love it when it is finished. Love the color!!!

  7. you should start a mindless one. Give yourself a half hour on the complicated one. Then let your mind go blank on the easy peasy one! I see progress and it's beautiful!!!

  8. That is a beautiful color! I have been crocheting on quite a few different things, but your knitting always looks so gorgeous! How much snow did you wind up getting? It has been crazy weather here in the south that's for sure. Stay warm til this weekend where we are suppose to get up to the 60's, joy!

    1. Ulrike we got very little snow. It looked like a bit of powdered sugar in our driveway and on our patio - couldn't really see anything in the yard. The cold was enough for them to cancel school for today though...

  9. Liebe Anke,
    Dein Schal wird wunderbar werden. Das Muster ist sehr zart und die Farbe einfach traumhaft -
    meine Lieblingsfarbe. ;-)))))))

    Hab viel Freude beim Stricken dieser Kostbarkeit.

    liebe Grüße aus dem verschneiten Drosselgarten schickt Dir Traudi

  10. The lace pattern is so beautiful, Anke!

  11. George Takei (who played Mr. Sulu on the old Star Trek show) was also part of the Japanese internment. He's posted about it many times on Facebook and other places, in case you're looking for more information on that time.

  12. I SO love the purple.....such a punch of color!