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- Sir Winston Churchill

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas and after...

Now that Christmas is over, I thought I'd show a few pictures. 
Our Christmas was wonderful! We went out for lunch on the 24th, came home and took the dogs for a nice walk and then later on opened presents. (It's a German custom to open presents on Christmas eve.)
Everybody was happy with their presents - the ones asked for and the surprises. :-) 
Nachdem Weihnachten nun vorbei ist, dachte ich zeige ich ein paar Bilder.
Wir haben Weihanchten in vollen Zuegen genossen! Am 24. sind wir Mittags zum Essen gegangen, danach haben wir die Hunde eine schoene Runde ausgefuehrt und danach war es dann Zeit Geschenke auszupacken.
Ich glaube alle waren mit ihren Geschenken zufrieden, die die auf dem Wunschzettel standen, und auch die unerwarteten. :-)

 I am one of those people that want to start the new year with a clean slate - which means the Christmas decorations get packed up before the 31st. (Truthfully, they get packed up on the 26th....)
Anyway, since the decorations were put up and I'd been thinking about painting the fireplace a lighter color, I decided this was the perfect opportunity.
Here is a before picture:
Nachdem hier in Amerika der 26. kein Feiertag mehr ist, packe ich die Weihnachtsdeko immer relativ bald weg. Sie stand nun schon einen Monat herum, und irgendwann moechte ich einfach alles wieder "sauber" haben.
Nachdem die Deko weg war und ich schon seit laengerem mit dem Gedanken gespielt hatte den Kamin neu zu streichen, dachte ich die Gelegenheit war gerade richtig.
So sah der Kamin vorher aus:
 And this is what it looks like now. It makes the room look so much brighter and I am thrilled with the "cleaner" look. Amazing what a difference a little bit of paint makes...
Und so sieht der Kamin jetzt aus. Das Wohnzimmer sieht viel heller aus und ich bin von der neuen Farbe ganz begeistert. Wahnsinn, was fuer einen Unterschied ein bissl Farbe machen kann...


  1. I like the fireplace lighter as well. It looks more uniform. I have to wait until the first before I can pack up the decorations but I'm dreaming lovely thoughts as to how clean my house will look, just like yours!

  2. Cute chicken shirt! I leave my tree and the ornaments on it up til New Years and my nativity stays out til Epiphany. But the rest of the Christmas decor is already being boxed up and put away. I can't believe you've already tackled a painting project too! You have more energy than anyone I know! But I do like the clean white look. The girls are getting so big! I remember pictures of them from a couple of years ago.

  3. The fireplace redo is lovely! You are so darned talented!! No worries about putting Christmas away here since it never made it out of the boxes this year!!

  4. I am with you, Anke....not a shred of Christmas left here! Clean slate...fresh start! I love the t shirt you got for Christmas!!! We do a "special" t shirt for all of our kids each year....and they are always quite funny! Have a very Happy New Year!!!

  5. Hallo ,
    das sieht ja nach eine Menge Spaß aus !
    So ein ähnliches Zombie T-Shirt gibt es hier auch!
    Ein schönes Neues Jahr für euch alle!

  6. I love your Christmas….your family is so silly and I LOVE silly. That chicken T-shirt is PERFECT for you. :)
    I usually have Christmas cleaned up by now….I must be losing it because we still have 2 trees up!!!
    The painting in the family room looks great; nice and bright!

  7. I'm commenting because I couldn't find your email and would like to speak to you about Granny. Some of the folks that read her blog are getting together to do something for her. If you want to join in email me at, I could put you on the email list to discuss it. I'll send out a mass email about it on Monday to the emails that I have. Hopefully she doesn't read comments on old posts.