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- Sir Winston Churchill

Friday, October 18, 2013

Close call

Yesterday, late afternoon I was sitting at the computer in the sunroom, when I heard the chickens (free ranging at the time) make a lot of racket. They do that every once in a while, so I got up to check on them. That's when I saw our neighbors dog IN OUR YARD! Chasing our chickens! Luckily Greg was home from work already, so the two of us went out there, trying to catch the dog. She wouldn't have any of that, so I wound up putting the chickens up and calling our neighbor to come help us catch her. I put four of the chickens up, but couldn't find Priscilla at first. She was cowering under the grill on the patio and she wasn't coming out. Once you see the pile of feathers, you can probably understand why. :-( When the dog was back in her own yard, we went to check on Priscilla more thoroughly. Thankfully she seems to be ok and doesn't seem hurt - even though the pile of feathers scared us half to death.
For now we're going to keep the chickens confined to their run - until we figure out what to do next. Right now we're looking at putting up an electric fence along the top of the wooden fence. Maybe that'll keep the dog in her own yard...
Gestern am spaeten Nachmittag, sass ich am Computer im Sonnenzimmer. Die Huehner sind frei im Garten herum gelaufen und haben auf einmal einen riesigen Krach gemacht. Sie machen das des oefteren, aber ich gehe immer vorsichtshalber nachsehen. Gut, dass ich gestern raus bin, denn der Hund unserer Nachbarin war IN UNSEREM GARTEN und hat die Huehner gejagt! Gott sei Dank war Greg schon zuhause und so haben wir zusammen versucht den Hund zu fangen. Sie wollte davon aber gar nichts wissen und so habe ich erst mal die Huehner in ihren Freilauf gelockt. Allerdings nur vier, Priscilla war nicht zu finden. Wenn ihr die Bilder mit den vielen Federn seht, versteht ihr wahrscheinlich auch warum. :-( Unsere Nachbarin kam zwischenzeitlich um ihren Hund zu fangen und ich fand Priscilla dann auch unter dem Grill auf der Terrasse. Wir haben sie gruendlich "untersucht" und konnten gluecklicherweise keine Verletztung sehen. 
Im Moment haben die Huehner "Ausgehverbot", bis wir uns wegen dem Zaun etwas einfallen lassen koennen. Wir sind am Ueberlegen ob wir einen elektrischen Hundezaun am Holzzaun befestigen, dass haelt den Hund hoffentlich davon ab ueber den Zaun zu springen...


  1. Oh dear! I'm glad they were ok--but once a dog does that, they WILL be back. Be careful!

  2. Oh my goodness, Anke! After all that you did to make sure your own dogs adjusted well to the chickens, and now this. :( I'm so sorry.

  3. Poor Miss Priscilla.
    She must have been scared to death. *Sigh*
    Hopefully you'll come up with a way to keep the girls safe and sound.

  4. Oh your poor frightened chookies! Glad they are ok.

  5. Anke, I am so sorry this happened! However, chickens are amazingly resilient, and when injured heal quicker than you may think. ;) I am glad that she is OK! There is nothing more sad than to find your chickens have been attacked by another animal. (I lost over half my flock a few years back.)

    How tall is your fence? Don't quote me on this, but I believe an electric fence will only work if the dogs feet are touching the ground to complete the electric circuit. You might be better off to extend the height with a blind, or lattice securely attached to the top. Just my .02 cents worth.

    1. The fence belongs to our neighbor, but she is thinking about having it replaced with a taller fence. The fence right now is less than four feet tall at the highest (arched) point. Greg installed a fido shocker on it today and the dog got his first shock (and hopefully that's all it'll take) shortly after. Right now the dog is staying away from the fence...
      I am so sorry you lost half of your flock, that must have been heartbreaking. :-(

  6. that must have been heart stopping. Here you were worrying about your own dogs behaving and then the neighbor's dog is the one that is messing with your chickens. So glad all is well and I hope you solve the containment problem.