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- Sir Winston Churchill

Friday, July 5, 2013

Random, part 2

The other day when the chickens were out and about in the yard, Priscilla decided to have a better look around. :-) We nearly fell over when we saw her perched up there. 
Vor ein paar Tagen waren die Huehner mal wieder im Garten unterwegs und dabei dachte sich Priscilla wohl, dass sie sich alles mal gerne von oben ansehen moechte. :-) Wir sind fast umgefallen als wir sie dort oben entdeckt haben.
 We've had rain, rain and more rain. This was on the fourth of July - 6 1/2 inches here, but then we got another 2 1/2 later on. 9 inches of rain in one day and another 1/2 inch today. More in the forecast for the next few days - we may need to build an ark.
Bei uns hat es die letzten paar Tage geregnet, geregnet und noch mehr geregnet. Am 4 July alleine hatten wir insgesamt 9 inches Regen und heute nochmals 1/2 Inch. Fuer die naechsten Tage ist noch mehr Regen in der Vorhersage - vielleicht sollten wir anfangen uns eine Arche zu bauen...
 Before the rains hit, I harvested most of the red/reddish tomatoes so they wouldn't split. This is just some of them ripening, there are more all over the kitchen and dining room.
Bevor es zu regnen angefangen hat, habe ich alle roten/roetlichen Tomaten geernted damit sie nicht aufplatzen. Dies ist nur ein Bruchteil davon, in der Kueche und im Esszimmer liegen noch mehr.
 One of my favorite (and quick) ways to use up tomatoes is turning them into tomato sauce. I just cut them into smallish pieces, add garlic and herbs (thyme, sage and oregano this time), drizzle with olive oil and roast at 400 for about 20 minutes. Once they are cool enough to handle, I slip of the skin, discard the herbs and puree the tomatoes and garlic. Filled into jars, they keep in the freezer and I always have sauce on hand to turn into pizza or spaghetti sauce or use  in stews.
Wenn ich zuviele Tomaten habe, mache ich daraus gerne Tomatensosse. Hierzu schneide ich die Tomaten in   kleine Teile, gebe frischen Knoblauch und Kraeuter (dieses Mal Thymian, Salbei und Oregano) dazu und betraeufle alles mit Olivenoel. Dies wird im Ofen bei 200 Grad ca 20 Minuten geroested. Wenn die Tomaten kuehl genug sind, mache ich die Haut ab, werfe die Kraeuter weg und pueriere die Tomaten und den Knoblauch. Die Sosse fuelle ich dann in Glaeser ein und die wandern in die Gefriertruhe. Die Sosse benutze ich immer wenn ich Pizzasosse, Spagetti oder Eintoepfe machen will.
 This years garlic harvest. Vampires beware. ;-)
Die Knoblauch Ernte von diesem Jahr. Vampire sollten sich von uns lieber fern halten. ;-)
 We're getting a ton of cucumbers right now, so I turned several into "refrigerator bread & butter pickles" today.
Wir ernten im Moment wahnsinnig viele Gurken und so habe ich heute einen Teil davon in "refrigerator bread & butter pickles" eingemacht. Muessen nicht eingekocht werden und schmecken sehr lecker.
Breakfast the other morning - a sourdough dutch pancake. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with blueberries it was delicious!
Vor ein paar Tagen gab es diesen Sauerteig Ofen Pfannkuchen zum Fruehstueck. Mit Puderzucker bestaeubt und frischen Blaubeeren dazu hat es sehr gut geschmeckt!
 And today Nadia decided to buy herself a BB gun. Let's hope she doesn't shoot her eye out... ;-)
Heute hat Nadia beschlossen sich ein Luftgewehr zu kaufen. Wollen wir mal hoffen das sie deswegen kein Auge verliert... ;-)


  1. Nadia should of gotten the pink version of the BB gun.

    I should try your tomato sauce recipe it should delicious. So does your sour dough pancake!!

    1. If you'd like the recipe for the sourdough pancake, let me know.

  2. Ha-a future Annie Oakley! What fun-I remember those days.

    That is a ton of rain! It's ridiculous anymore--it's either all or none (which is what I'm getting!)

    Did you have any trouble with flooding in the garden?

    1. Sue, thankfully we didn't have any flooding issues - yet. Who knows what will happen if it continues to rain like that...

  3. Wow! You have been so busy. Your pickles look delish. I have never made b&b before, but I love them. And I just always freezer my tomatoes, or make salsa, I have never tried to turn them into sauce. Well, I did one time, but I did it on the stove and it was a big fail. Maybe I will try a small batch like you did in the oven and see how it turns out.

    1. I've tried other recipes for tomato sauce, but this one is just so easy. Not very messy and pretty much foolproof.

  4. Like the idea of turning many tomatoes into tomato sauce. Your garlic looks so healthy and huge! Look out target practice there's a sharp shooter in the midst.

    1. The sharp shooter wants to set up targets (cans and such) in the backyard, but wasn't able to because of all the rain yesterday. We definitely need to keep the chickens locked up when she's out there with her BB gun. ;-)

  5. Your picture of Priscilla atop the fence made me think of something I saw out the kitchen window this evening as I was doing dishes. Remember how Carroll spent all of his free time last year building the fence around the property? Well, it definitely has kept the deer out, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a turkey hen and her little ones trotting down along the fence line between us and our neighbor. :-) I couldn't figure out how she got inside the fence, but Carroll said that she just flew over the fence...and the little ones are still small enough they could slide through the fencing holes. It took her a while, but she finally figured out how to do it all in reverse and I saw her walking up along the woods on our neighbor's side of the fence.

    Your tomatoes are beautiful, Anke! I can hardly wait for our first ones...AND your pickles are SO pretty!

    Sorry about all of the rain you are having right now. We had 10 days straight of rain beginning the middle of week before last and continuing through last week. Not as much this week, but we are supposed to have thunderstorms with heavy rains starting tomorrow morning. At least the temperatures are supposed to drop. We've been having temps in the mid to high 90's here...and the humidity has been unreal!

    1. I guess the turkey wanted to get a closer look. :-) That must have been quite a sight...
      We're harvesting quite a few tomatoes, but I have to let them finish ripening in the house. The chickens have discovered the tomatoes, and will peck at all the ripe ones if they can reach them.
      I hope the thunderstorms and rains won't get too bad in your area, the weather seems really crazy right now. You've had temps in the 90's and we've had temps in the mid to upper 70's - definitely not normal for our area.

  6. When you build the ark, keep a spot open on top for Priscilla. :)
    Love seeing your 'maters; yummy. I know about rain freaking soggy this summer.
    A BB gun? Your girls are awesome!