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- Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Out and about...

Sorry, another chicken post... ;-)
The chickens are free-ranging every afternoon now, and so far so good.
They are venturing further away from the coop, checking out their surroundings, pecking a bit here, scratching a bit there...
They seem to love the blackberry and blueberry beds and the area around the columnar apple trees. I've had to chase them out of one flower bed a few times, but so far they have not yet discovered the vegetable beds.
We've also been outside with the dogs while the chickens are out. Savvy (the border collie) is surprising us and so far has shown very little interest in the chickens, and is running around the yard freely while the chickens are out. Harley (the Lab mix) on the other hand has not been off leash around them since she seems to be a bit more interested. We're practicing with them every day though and hope it will work out for all involved - but especially the chickens. ;-)
Sorry, aber hier sind wieder mal Bilder von den Huehnern... ;-)
Mittlerweile lassen wir die Huehner jeden Nachmittag frei im Garten herum laufen, und Klopf auf Holz, soweit, so gut.
Sie trauen sich jeden Tag ein bissl weiter vom Huehnerstall weg, schauen sich in ihrem "Reich" um, kratzen hier ein bissl, scharren dort ein bissl...
Am besten scheint es ihnen bis jetzt im Brombeer und Blaubeerbeet und um die Apfelbaeume herum zu gefallen. Ein paar mal musste ich sie aus einem Blumenbeet heraus jagen, aber bis jetzt haben sie die Gemuesebeete noch nicht entdeckt.
Wir gehen auch jeden Tag mit den Hunden in den Garten waehrend die Huehner frei herum laufen, damit sie sich aneinander gewoehnen koennen. Ueberraschenderweise zeigt Savvy (unser Border Collie) wenig Interesse an den Huehnern, waehrend Harley (ein Lab Mix) mehr Interesse zeigt. Savvy laeuft mittlerweile ohne Leine im Garten herum, waehrend Harley noch an der Leine bleiben muss. Wir ueben halt weiterhin fleissig mit ihr und hoffen, dass es fuer alle Beteiligten ein gutes Ende nehmen wird. Vor allem natuerlich fuer die Huehner... ;-)

Another kind of bird. :-) Found this little nest inside one of the gourds hanging in our yard.
Ein paar andere Voegel. :-) Haben dieses Nest in einem alten Kuerbis in unserem Garten entdeckt.


  1. Our border collie is very good with our chickens too. She likes to herd them, even if it means into her dog house, but I'd prefer that than something else! : )

  2. hello you lovely chickens! I think it's great you are training the dogs-I hope it works!!

  3. Happy to hear that Savvy is doing okay with the chickens! I'd always heard that in order to raise both that the dog actually needed to be a puppy so it could grow up with the chickens. Glad to know that isn't entirely true! We've gone so long now without a dog that I'm not sure I want to start with another one. Having the backyard fenced in now though would definitely make it great! And your chickens are so pretty, Anke!

  4. Lovely! Do not let those girls find your vegetable garden. They will eradicate it in short order! '-)

  5. They are getting so big!! I'm loving that they are venturing out a bit and it's a bonus that they dogs are behaving; hopefully that will continue on and they will love a great life together.

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  8. Don't ever be sorry for another chicken post! Your birds are lovely! I do hope training the dogs would work...I haven't been able to train my cats around the baby chicks...: -) Always love stopping in and seeing what you've been up to!

  9. Ich liebe Hühner!! You're so lucky to be able to keep some. Wir haben einen Winzgarten; da passt höchstens ein Spatz rein. But I would love to have a) chickens and b) bees.