Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Growing, growing, growing...

It's absolutely wonderful to see what a difference a few warm, nice days can make. Our garden has been greening up nicely and it's a joy to watch.
Blueberries are leafing out.
Die letzten paar Tage waren richtig fruehlingshaft und warm und haben den Garten regelrecht aufgeweckt. Alles wird gruen, die Blumen bluehen und es macht richtig Spass im Gaten zu sein und es mitzuerleben.
Die Blaubeerpflanzen bekommen ihre ersten Blaetter.
Tulips in full bloom.
Die Tulpen sind auch endlich aufgeblueht.
 The gooseberry bush surrounded by German chamomile.
Der Stachelbeer "Busch" ist umgeben von Kamille.

 The herb bed with lettuce and radish seedlings.
Das Kraeuterbeet mit Salat und Radieschen.
 Tomatoes and Swiss chard.
Tomaten und "Swiss chard".
The last of the daffodils are blooming.
Die letzten Osterglocken bluehen nun auch.

Planted three rhubarb plants again (after last years plants didn't make it for some reason) and so far, so good.
Habe wieder drei Rhabarber gepflanzt (nachdem die drei letztes Jahr kaputt gegangen sind) und soweit, so gut...
The columnar apple trees are greening up...
Die drei Apfelbaeume werden auch langsam gruen...
Now lets everybody keep our fingers crossed, that the severe weather in the forecast for our area doesn't do any damage and we don't loose it all!
Jetzt duerft ihr alle nur feste die Daumen druecken, dass das schlechte Wetter das fuer morgen gemeldet ist (Gewitter, Hagel, evtl Tornados) nicht alles zerstoert und wir nicht alles verlieren!


  1. You are is all looking great! I'm loving your tulips, that would be a dream for me to grow.
    I'm *crossing my fingers* that the weather does not effect your green garden.

  2. We have some trees and bushes leafing out but not many flowers, yet!! I hope the severe weather misses you!!

  3. Looks so green and lovely. We're still struggling to get out of the 30's....and our forecast for Friday is for snow. Ugh.
    Hope you miss the bad weather...

  4. Love seeing all that is going on in your back yard, Anke! SO pretty and green! All of the trees are budding up around here...soon we will be looking at leaves bursting forth! I think that the harsh winter we had helps us to be SO appreciative of any color this spring!

  5. I hope the tornadoes I saw on the news left you alone! I've been planting all week and have to take a break today due to that weather moving into our area, hopefully nothing serious!

    1. Thankfully it just got really windy here Erin. Some much needed rain as well, so we can't complain.

  6. Your garden looks amazing, Anke! You do so much with your *'little bit of earth.' I am so far behind it is pathetic this year. Question: What exposure is your gooseberry growing in? I have a whole patch of them here but never get any fruit. The patch blooms like crazy and smells divine, but no fruit.

    *(ref: The Secret Garden)

    1. Thank you Lynda. :-) I planted the gooseberry bush last year and it's on the east side of our property. It really didn't grow at all last year, but it came back this year and it's greening up nicely. Not sure how long it takes for them to bear fruit, but I'm hoping it doesn't take too long.

  7. Wow....your gardens are looking great. You are way ahead of us! Can't wait to see your gooseberries!! Have you had them before? Very, very sour....but make a great pie! It's my hubby's favorite!! Happy Spring, Anke!

    1. Bev, I've had gooseberries in tarts before and LOVE the tart flavor. I hope our garden still looks that good in a few days, they're saying we might dip into the 30's tonight. Needless to say I'll be out there covering the beds...