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- Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chicks, again...

Hope you're not tired of chicken pictures yet... They are just so cute and they are changing so fast, we can't get enough of them.
Here in the background you can see we had to cover their box since they are literally trying to spread their wings.
Ich hoffe ihr habt noch nicht genug von all unseren Kueken Photos... Sie sind einfach zu niedlich und wachsen so schnell, wir koennen nicht genug von ihnen bekommen.
Hier koennt ihr im Hintergrund das Netz sehen, dass wir ueber ihre Box gespannt haben. Sie haben naemlich   angefangen erste Flugversuche zu machen.
Einfach allerliebst...

 And here we are "torturing" our dogs with them. Not really... I read on a blog about keeping chickens, that this is how they trained their dog to leave the chickens alone and we are giving it a try. We place the chicks on their heads, backs, paws and always use the same command. Will it work? Guess we'll have to wait and see... The dogs look thrilled, don't they? ;-)
Und hier "plagen" wir unsere Hunde mit den Kueken. Nein, nicht wirklich... Ich habe auf einem blog gelesen, dass die Familie so ihren Hund an die Kueken bzw. Huehner gewoehnt haben. Wir setzen die Kueken den Hunden auf den Ruecken, den Kopf, die Pfoten und benutzen immer wieder das selbe Kommando. Ob es was hilft? Wird sich heraus stellen...
Die Hunde schauen voll begeistert aus, oder? ;-)


  1. Your dogs are behaving brilliantly! Frodo would eat them up (not kidding) he hunts small things in the yard. But lucky for me I am enjoying chicken owning THRU you :)

    1. Karen, I hope they will behave like that when we're not around! We used to have two bunnies (that belonged to our girls) and after coming back from a day trip, we found both of them dead. The Border Collie somehow got into the fenced off area and killed them both. Not sure if she meant to or not, but the end result was devastating for our girls.

  2. That is so interesting on how to train the dogs! Cool! Please keep sharing their pictures. I agree, cute patooties!! xxx

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  4. ADORABLE! The dogs don't look too terribly disturbed by the new little animals in their world. Praying it stays that way!

  5. I love that you are helping the dogs to tolerate the chicks now; that is so smart!!!! They are growing so fast!

  6. The time spent now will be worth it. My dog is very good with the hens and chicks and even lets them eat out of her mouth!

    Thos chicks are so cute!