Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rain rain, go away...

What an unusual winter we're having. It hasn't been that cold, we've had several days with temps around 70 lately and it's been WET!! We're all ready for the rain to move on out...
Was fuer ein verruecktes Winterwetter... Es war noch gar nicht "richtig" kalt, die letzten paar Tage hatten wir um die 20 Grad und es regnet seit Tagen wie aus Eimern. Langsam haben wir alle genug vom Regen...


  1. That's how our winter was last year. We're colder this winter, but no where NEAR enough snow!

  2. We have been experiencing a heat wave. Well, kinda. It is in the high 80's. I put my garden in the morning....I'm hoping it isn't too hot for it. On the upside, you can wear cute rain boots right?

  3. Isn't it strange? Our yard is a big sloppy muddy mess!

  4. Ihr tut mir leid. Wir haben es kalt aber keine Sonne !! Hilft unser Kanu (lol)


  5. It is wet here as well and very foggy!! I miss having a real winter.

  6. hallo, hab gerade deinen tollen blog entdeckt! freu mich deine 100 zu sein! :-)
    ganz tolle sachen die du da zauberst !

    LG aus münchen

  7. We've been having a good bit of rain also. As a matter of fact, I just posted a picture to my blog this morning of a foggy morning we had one day last foggy days (if I don't have to be out and driving in it ;-)). I'll take the rain over snow and ice any time this time of the year here in WV.

  8. The weather in Europe is also awfully strange at the present, some days it feels as if our spring is already on our doorstep, but then yesterday it started to snow again!