Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yarn along

Participating in Ginny's yarn along again...
It kind of hit me the other day that Christmas is only 3 month away! Yikes... I had decided to knit socks for a few people and thought I'd better get started on them before I run out of time. 
Since I finished the Lavinia dress (if you want to see pictures, go here.) I got started on the first pair of socks  Monday evening. The pattern is really easy and I should have this pair done fairly quick. 
I'm not really reading as much right now, but I'm sure that will change once I have surgery and won't be able to knit for at least a week.
Die Tage wurde mir bewusst, dass Weihnachten schon in 3 Monaten ist! Da ich beschlossen habe fuer einige Leute Socken als Weihnachtsgeschenke zu stricken, dachte ich sollte ich wohl besser damit anfangen bevor ich nicht mit fertig werde.
Das Lavinia Kleid wurde ja am Wochenende fertig (hier koennt ihr die Bilder sehen) und so konnte ich Montag Abend mit dem ersten Paar Socken anfangen. Das Muster ist ganz einfach und ich hoffe das erste Paar relativ schnell gestrickt zu haben.
An meinem Lesestoff hat sich nicht viel geaendert, dazu lese ich im Augenblick einfach zu wenig. Das wird sich aber bestimmt aendern wenn ich die OP am Daumen habe und fuer mindestens eine Woche nicht stricken werden kann.


  1. Your Lavinia dress turned out wonderfully, looks great!

  2. Great socks - I'm knitting socks this week, too.
    I hope your surgery goes well x

  3. Your dress is spectacular!! And I am loving the pattern for the socks! I can't believe Christmas is coming so soon. I finally wrote down the list of things I want to make for gifts. 3 months isn't enough time! :-D

  4. I can't believe you finished your dress already! It looks awesome. I could have gone for the next 3 months without knowing it was getting close to Christmas. I say every year I'm going to start early. Probably won't this year either. Happy Wednesday!

  5. Your dress looks lovely! I can't imagine having the patience to knit something like that for myself (I have enough trouble getting through little dresses for my four-year-old) and I'm just in awe...

    I think I need to switch to socks as gifts this Christmas. Seems like that would take much less time... xo

  6. Your Lavinia dress is truly stunning. My oldest son has just begun the Hobbit. What a wonderful classic to enjoy.

  7. Yikes, you just made holiday knitting a reality for me. I need to get going on it. I made a pair of socks for me in a similar colorway years ago, I do love purple!

  8. Love the yarn in this pair of the pattern it creates as you knit! Will be praying for you as your surgery approaches.

  9. Those socks look great! I really need to get started on my Christmas knitting! This week I'm sharing a sneak peek of the Sunday Sweater I'm test knitting for Ginny. Stop by if you have a moment!

  10. Eek! Christmas! Better start thinking about that too. Though were I to knit socks it may be a few Christmases before they were ready. Yours look lovely. :)

  11. Owiiieeee.....I'm not happy about your upcoming surgery. Sending good thoughts.
    Really? Did you have to remind me about Christmas??? :)

  12. Christmas, yikes! I need to get a plan... :)