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- Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miscellaneous photo dump...

This whole back to school and back to work thing has been quite an adjustment after being home for almost three month. The days just seem to rush by and I find I'm not getting as much done as I would like to.
I've been meaning to post some of these pictures for a while not, but never seemed to find the time. So here's a hodgepodge of what's been going on around here.
During the summer we saw some commercial's (I think it was Domino's) for shall we say "pizza baguette". I had an aha moment and we made them at home. Home baked baguette, topped with cheese and pepperoni and you have a quick snack/meal. 
Seitdem wir wieder in die Schule bzw auf die Arbeit gehen komme ich irgendwie zu gar nichts mehr. Nachdem wir fast drei Monate (!!) Ferien hatten, ist es eine ganz schoene Umstellung wenn der Alltag wieder losgeht.
Ich wollte diese Bilder schon vor einiger Zeit zeigen, bin aber entweder nicht dazu gekommen oder hab' vergessen das ich die Bilder noch auf der Kamera hatte.
Hier dann also ein Mischmasch von den letzten paar Wochen:
Bei uns gab's neulich im Fernsehen eine Werbung (von Domino's glaube ich) die "Pizza Baguette" gezeigt hat.  Da hab' ich mir natuerlich gedacht, das koennen wir selbst auch machen. Baguette gebacken, Kaese und Pepperoni drauf und schon war eine schnelle Mahlzeit fertig.
 I tried making danish from scratch for the first time. They were not as sweet as store bought danish (which is good) but I don't think I'll make this particular recipe again. They were good, but not great...
Ich habe zum ersten Mal versucht "danish" (eine Art Quarkteilchen) selbst zu backen. Sie waren nicht so suess wie gekaufte (was ok war) aber ich glaube nicht, dass ich dieses Rezept nochmals backen werde. Sie waren gut, aber nichts spektakulaeres...
 We had some German friends over one day and did the typical German "coffee and cake" thing in the afternoon. I baked this "blackberry streusel cake" and "cream filled chocolate sandwich cookies".
Noch waehrend der Ferien hatten wir ein paar deutsche Freundinnen zum Kaffee und Kuchen eingeladen. Hierzu hatte ich einen "Brombeer Streuselkuchen" und Plaetzchen gebacken.

 I don't even remember where I found the recipe for this "Mexican lasagna" but decided to give it a try. The original recipe calls for corn tortillas and that was the one complaint from the girls - they didn't care for them. Maybe next time I'll try the recipe with flour tortillas...
Ich weiss gar nicht mehr wo ich das Rezept fuer diese "Mexikanische Lasagna" gefunden habe, aber da wir alle gerne mexikanisch essen, musste ich es ausprobieren. Im orginalen Rezept werden Mais Tortillas genommen, und das war das einizige an der Sache das den Maedels nicht geschmeckt hat. Muss mal sehen ob ich sie mit Mehl Tortillas ersetzen kann...
 Nice summery pasta salad with the tomatoes and the last cucumber from the garden.
Pasta Salat mit Tomaten und der letzten Gurke aus dem Garten.
 The last of the basil was harvested and is now hanging up to dry.
Die Tage war ich im Garten und habe den Rest Basilikum geernted und zum Trocknen aufgehaengt.
Eye candy...
Einfach schoen...

 This guy/gal is what I'm looking at as I type this. He/she's got her web right outside the sunroom window...
Die Gartenspinne sehe ich immer wenn ich am Computer sitzte. Er/sie hat seine Spinnenwebe genau vor dem Fenster im Sonnenzimmer....
Sunset a few nights ago. 
Sonnenuntergang vor ein paar Tagen.

Maybe once we get the new routine down, I'll actually be able to post a bit more again...
Wenn wir uns alle an die neue Routine gewoehnt haben, schaffe ich es vielleicht wieder oefters zu bloggen...


  1. It's hard re-adjusting after the summer--glad you got some pictures up. Lots of yummy looking food!

  2. YUM!! Looks like you had a delicious summer, that streusal cake looks amazing!

  3. The spider gave me the heebie jeebies, keep him to yourself. :)
    I love all the baking and cooking you do....your peeps are so lucky. Do you think it will be possible for you to deliver one of those pizza baguettes in 30 minutes or less? They look yummy too.

    1. Would love to deliver the pizza baguette to you, just not sure about the 30 minutes or less... ;-)

  4. Loved seeing what all you've been up to in the kitchen! Do you use a bread machine to do your different doughs, Anke, or do you do them all by hand? I don't think I'd EVER have the courage to try making a my hat is truly off to you. Carroll was sitting here in the living room when I was reading your blog and when I came to the picture of the blackberry streusel cake I said, "Oh, that looks yummy." He wanted to know what looked yummy and told him. He said, "Sounds like something German!" THEN I told him that you'd done it when you had German friends over. Could you make the same recipe using whatever fruit is in season...or say with some of those blueberries we picked this summer? Seeing your basil drying reminded me that I probably should do the same with mine before long. Once it has dried, do you go ahead and crush it and put it in jars or baggies? I've not done the basil before. I have some dill I probably should be doing something with before long, as well. And, as always, your sunset pictures are gorgeous. Praying for you and the family as everyone adjusts to the new schedules. :-)

    1. Dianna, I use the bread machine on the dough setting only. I then shape the the dough by hand and bake it in the oven. The bread has a nicer crust that way. The streusel cake is actually out of the "Martha Stewart Baking Handbook" and was supposed to be made with cherries. Since I didn't have any I replaced them with blackberries I still had in the freezer. Would you like the recipe? Once the basil has dried, I strip the leaves and then run them through a coffee grinder. I can grind them as fine as I want them and then put them in empty spice jars (or yeast jars) I've been saving. Thank's for keeping us in your thoughts, things are looking up. They have a carpool for the swim team and we were able to join. Not having to drive there is going to make things a lot easier for all of us. :-)

    2. Anke, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. :-) I've been thinking about a bread machine for a while your input was helpful. I really appreciate your asking if I wanted the recipe for the streusel cake...I took the info you gave and went to and actually found it for myself. I just hated to ask you to send it because I know you have plenty on your plate right now. Thank you also for the info about how you do your basil once it's dried. Gives me ideas. SO glad to hear about the carpool for the swim team! Take care, my friend. :-)

  5. Oh jeez, this made me so hungry !

  6. Yum, you have been busy!! That Mexican Lasagna looks good, I may have to try that.