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- Sir Winston Churchill

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The beach?

It's come down to this - we went to the "beach" in Tennessee. :-) 
When Greg and I came back from Chattanooga, we took the scenic route and drove by a place called "Dry Creek Beach". It looked really nice and we thought the girls would enjoy spending some time there. So last Sunday we told them to wear their bathing suites, we packed a picnic lunch and headed there. The girls had no clue where we were going, but once there thought it was fantastic. 
We were told the place is normally packed, but since the daytime temps were supposed to be in the low 100's there were not that many people there. Which also means we were able to find a nice shady spot for our blankets and stuff. :-) 
It's definitely a place we'll go back to...
Ob ihr's glaubt oder nicht, wir sind nach Tennessee an den "Strand" gefahren. :-)
Als Greg und ich vor zwei Wochen aus Chattanooga zurueck gekommen sind, sind wir die lange und viel schoenere Strecke gefahren. Dabei hat uns der Weg an "Dry Creek Beach" vorbei gefuehrt und dachte, das wuerde den Maedels bestimmt gefallen. 
Vergangenen Sonntag haben wir den Damen also gesagt sie sollen Badesachen anziehen und einpacken, wir haben ein Picknick eingepackt und los gings. Sie hatten keine Ahnung wo wir mit ihnen hin wollten, waren dann aber total begeistert.
Uns wurde gesagt, dass der "Strand" normalerweise voll belegt ist, aber da wir Temperaturen um die 40 Grad hatten, war am Sonntag gar nicht soviel los. Was auch heisst, dass wir ein schoenes schattiges Plaetzchen fuer unsere Decken und Zeug gefunden hatten. :-)
War bestimmt nicht das letzte Mal, dass wir nach Tennessee an den "Strand" gefahren sind...


  1. You should have called me, I have my trunks always ready!
    Looks like a fun time.

  2. I laughed when I read this--it brought back a funny memory of my best friend. I asked why she wasn't swimming--she said it was too hot. Is that not the POINT of swimming???? LOL!
    Anyway, Happy 4th. Looks like you had a fine time.

  3. looks like a great place to go, water looks clean and inviting, any shade for the lunch? love your new page photo of the veggies.

    1. oops, I see now you said you found a shady spot...

  4. Looks great!! if it was close that is where I would be in this heat!! All of our good swimming holes close by have gotten ick due to no rain...

  5. Even pictures of water look so refreshing! It's awful isn't it? Glad you found a way to beat the heat a little :)

  6. I love a deserted beach! And in their weather, the only place to be is in the water! I hate to wish my life away, but I think I am ready for Autumn!!

  7. Oh, your veggie header!!

  8. A beach in TN? Now I've seen it all!! Glad the girls were able to cool off!