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- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yarn along

Joining Ginny again today for the weekly yarn along. Since it's summer break for us, I actually have a bit more time for knitting and reading. Bliss, I tell you...
I've finished and blocked the front and back of the sweater and now I'm working on the first sleeve. Still not quite sure if I'll have enough yarn to make them long sleeves, but I'll deal with that when it's time.
A few years ago I read my first book by Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper) and have been hooked on her books ever since then. I found the book "House Rules" at our library sale for 25 cents, so how could I pass it up. The story is about a mom and her two sons, one of which has Asperger's syndrome. The boys special focus is on forensic science, but then he becomes a suspect in a murder investigation. It shows how difficult the court system can be for somebody that doesn't communicate the "normal" way and how difficult the whole situation is for the family. It's a great read and I would highly recommend it to anybody.
Es ist wieder mal Zeit bei Ginny's yarn along mitzumachen. Nachdem wir jetzt Ferien haben, habe ich mehr Zeit zu stricken und zu lesen - was ich in vollen Zuegen geniesse.
Das Vorder und Rueckteil des Pullis ist fertig gestrickt und ich bin gerade am ersten Aermel. Ob ich genug Wolle habe um lange Aermel zu stricken weiss ich noch nicht. Ich mache mir darueber aber noch keinen Kopf, wird schon werden.
Vor ein paar Jahren habe ich mein erstes Buch von Jodi Picoult (My Sisters Keeper) gelesen und bin seitdem ein totaler Fan. Das Buch "House Rules" habe ich neulich bei unserer Buecherei fuer 25 Cent gefunden und konnte dazu natuerlich nicht nein sagen. Es handelt sich in der Geschichte um eine Mutter und ihre zwei Soehne, wovon einer Asperger's Syndrom hat. Das "Hobby" des Sohns ist alles was mit "forensic science" (wie man das so bei CSI Episonden sieht) zu tun hat, aber dann wir der Sohn wegen Mordes verhaftet. Das Buch zeigt wie schwer es fuer die Familie ist mit Asperger's umzugehen, und auch wie wenig das Rechtswesen damit umzugehen weiss. Es ist ein sehr gutes Buch und ich kann es nur weiter empfehlen.


  1. Das ist ein schönes Muster !
    LG Carola

  2. Very pretty sweater pattern! I always get anxious about having enough yarn to finish a sweater. I usually have just enough to make it though.

  3. Love not knowing whether or not I have enough yarn. I usually do! But still it's exciting to wonder what if, and if so, what then. Great sweater!!

  4. That sweater is coming along beautifully! I also loved My Sister's Keeper. I haven't read House Rules. I'll keep it in mind.

  5. Your sweater is gorgeous, Anke. But then everything you put on the needles comes out that way!

    I've not read either of the books you've mentioned here, Anke. But you have me interested now. I'm going to be checking at the library for them.

  6. Your sweater is so beautifully patterned. I love the subtle colour too!

  7. The sweater is lovely- and since it is summer, maybe you could just do short sleeves? :)

  8. The sweater looks lovely. I hope you have enough yarn! Don't you love a bargain book that ends up being a good read too. Jacinta

  9. I really like you sweater very delacate but sturdy at the same time. It looks good even without the sleeves.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  10. The sweater looks great so far. The book you're reading sounds really interesting. I wonder if I can get it on the Kindle...

  11. I've heard time and time again how wonderful her books are. I'll pick one (or four) up soon when I see them on sale.
    Love your newest piece.