Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, May 31, 2012


On Memorial day my friend and I walked in the 10 k cotton run. The fastest man ran it in less than 30 minutes, the fastest woman in a little over 30 minutes. It took me 1 hour and 19 minutes to walk it. But hey, at least I did it. :-)
Am Montag war bei uns Memorial day und eine Freundin und ich sind beim cotton row run (10 Kilometer) mitgelaufen. Der schnellste Mann hat weniger als 30 Minuten gebraucht, die schnellste Frau ein bissl mehr als 30 Minuten. Ich bin die 10 Kilometer in einer Stunde und 19 Minuten gelaufen. Hey, zumindest habe ich mitgemacht. :-)
 Found the inspiration for this "redneck pool sign" at pinterest and couldn't resist making it.
Die Inspiration fuer dieses Pool Schild habe ich bei pinterest gefunden. Konnte nicht widerstehen es zu machen...
 Pinterest idea again, just made mine a little different. This welcomed the girls home to summer break yesterday - that and ice cream. ;-)
Noch eine pinterest Idee, ich habe meines nur ein bissl abgeaendert. Dieses Schild hing gestern draussen um die Maedels am letzten Schultag zu begruessen - das und ein leckeres Eis. ;-)
The first blueberries from our own garden. Considering it's only a hand full, I really don't want to call it a harvest.
Die ersten Blaubeeren aus dem eigenen Garten. Nachdem es nur eine handvoll sind, kann ich es wohl schlecht eine Ernte nennen.
 First decent size watermelon - it's a sugar baby.
Erste Wassermelone - nennt sich sugar baby und ist nicht so gross wie eine "normale" Wassermelone.
 Cucumbers starting to form.
Die Gurken fangen zu wachsen an.
 This oak leaf hydrangea was given to me by a friend two years ago and we now got it planted in the yard. Hopefully it'll grow nice and big in that spot.
Diese "Eichenblatt Hortensie" bekam ich vor zwei Jahren von einer Freundin geschenkt. Jetzt haben wir sie endlich in den Garten gepflanzt und hoffen das sie richtig schoen gross wird.
Decluttering continues. In the next three pictures are a total of 86 items - 59 of which are the magazines in the bag. We also cleaned out the garage and threw away a broken fog machine, an old dog frisbee, 2 pair of flip flops and a glider we had sitting in the front yard. Brings this total to 91 items.
Ich raeume auch weiterhin fleissig aus. Auf den naechsten drei Bildern sind 86 Teile zu sehen die aussortiert wurden - 59 sind Hefte in der Tuete. Wir haben auch die Garage ausgeraeumt und eine kaputte Nebelmaschine, ein altes Hundefrisbee, 2 Paar Flip Flops und die Schaukel die im Vorgarten war weggeworfen. Macht also insgesamt 91 Teile.

Total items sorted out: 435!! My goal was 365 by the end of the year, so I'm happy to say I reached that plus some.
Insgesamt aussortiert sind nun 435 Teile! Mein Ziel war 365 bis zum Jahresende, also habe ich das und noch etwas mehr geschafft.


  1. Congrats to you for the walk!!!! You are looking so good Mama!
    Love the redneck sign....I'll have to remember that one.
    Congrats on the garden and de-cluttering.;

  2. Congrats on doing the walk. It's not the time that matters--it's the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment. My gosh--you're getting so skinny. Insert expletive. LOL! Just kidding. (about the expletive!)

  3. I'm really excited for you about the Cotton Run...and stayed with the stuff and finished! Congratulations. And I have to say the picture of you and your friend one would never know that either of you just finished any kind of race! Amazing!

    Loved all of the garden envious of that Sugar Baby, you know! ;) We used to plant those when we lived in another part of the state where we had a bit of sandy soil. I'd go out and pick one and tell myself that I'd wait for Carroll to come home from work before I'd cut it, but I never quite managed to reach that goal! LOL Everything in your garden looks great.

    And I am sure that Hannah and Nadia appreciated the sign and ice cream welcoming them to summer yesterday when they got in from school.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Anke!

  4. Congrats on the run! The garden looks good and LOVE that pool sign LOL!

  5. Congrats on your race! I did the Peachtree Road Race once and only once as it was an office mandatory thing. I did enough running in school so I mainly walked! Love the signs, I need to get back to Pininterest some time. Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!
    Take Care,

  6. congrats on the race and for reaching your goal!!