Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The garden in May

We've had quite a bit of rain these last few days and everything is greening up nicely. The rain was very much needed by the way...
This little planter was given to me by one of my little 3 year old's. It was filled with lotion, bubble bath and such but I thought it would look pretty out on the patio with a few succulents. 
Die letzten paar Tage hat es hier recht viel geregnet und vieles im Garten gruent und blueht. Der Regen war dringend notwendig, hatten vorher schon lange keinen mehr...
Diesen kleinen Topf bekam ich von einem meiner 3 jaehrigen geschenkt. Er war gefuellt mit Creme, Schaumbaedern usw, aber ich dachte er wuerde sich gefuellt mit Pflanzen gut auf der Terasse machen.
 The hydrangea in full bloom. It surprises me every spring just how beautiful these three bushes are.
Die Hortensie in voller Bluete. Ich bin jedes Jahr wieder ueberrascht wie wunderschoen diese drei Buesche bluehen.
 A homemade/redneck trellis for the cucumbers. It is actually the gate that was once on the bunny enclosure and I just added two supports to it. We'll have to wait and see how it works.
Dieses Teil habe ich fuer die Gurken zusammen "gebastelt". Es war einmal das Gatter das zum Hasenstall gefuehrt hat und ich habe nur zwei kleine Bretter zum Stuetzen hingenagelt. Mal sehen ob es funktioniert...

Tomatoes, peppers and watermelon. Also notice my "redneck cloches" in the background. I don't think we'll need them anymore, I just need to find the time to put them away.
Tomaten, Paprika und Wassermelone. Im Hintergrund seht ihr auch noch meine "Redneck Mini Gewaechshaueschen". Ich glaube wir brauchen sie nun wirklich nicht mehr, ich muss nur noch die Zeit finden sie wegzuraeumen.
This Easter Lilly was a gift from a student last year. I've heard you can plant them outside, so I thought I'd give it a try. What do you know, it's blooming.
Diese "Osterlilie" bekam ich letztes Jahr von einem meiner Kinder geschenkt. Ich hatte gehoert, dass man sie in den Garten pflanzen kann und habe es dann auch prompt ausprobiert. Siehe da, sie blueht...
Bought this little beauty for the patio.
Diese Gerbera habe ich fuer die Terasse gekauft.
Some of the tomatoes are starting to bloom.
Manche der Tomaten haben zum Bluehen angefangen.
This photo of the Easter Lily was taken yesterday, pretty isn't it?
Dieses Bild der "Osterlilie" habe ich gestern gemacht. schoen oder?
While out in the garden I noticed the garlic was all brown and wilted, time to pull it. I'm not sure how much garlic it is, but it's enough to last us till next year.
Waehrend ich im Garten war, habe ich festgestellt, dass der Knoblauch reif zum Ernten war. Ich bin mir noch nicht sicher wieviel Knoblauch es ist, aber uns langt es auf jeden Fall bis naechstes Jahr.


  1. I can't wait to call one of my kids a "Redneck Mini Gewaechshaueschen".
    Thanks for that!

    1. Anytime Mark, there's lots more where that came from. ;-)

  2. Wow.....your garden looks great!
    I really LOVE all your redneck apparatus's....that is reusing/repurposing to the nth degree!!
    Can you believe my garden is almost done???
    ps. we've had a lot of rain lately too...and everything is soggggggy!

    1. Your garden is almost done?? What do you grow during the summer?

  3. All of your gardening work is paying off, Anke! Glad you had the rain. We've been having a good bit here lately, as well. We, like you, really needed the rain. I planted the pansies, coleus and snap dragons yesterday in flower boxes for the porch. Did a couple of hanging baskets also. I actually planted a large pansy in one of the baskets. And the snap dragons I planted in a large enamel dish pan that my mother-in-law had given me years ago. I have always used it to scald my tomatoes during canning season, but it really wasn't in good enough shape to do that with it this year, but I wasn't really ready to part with it yet it became the planter for the snap dragons. :)

    1. I bet the planted enamel pan looks really pretty. I'd love to see some pictures of all you have done.

  4. everything looks so lovely Anke! xx

  5. Beautiful, Anke. You're garden is doing so well. If you're done with the rain now, will you please send a few inches over this way? Though I'm far from being able to plant out yet, the ground needs a good soaking.
    I had no idea you could do that with a lily---interesting!

  6. Things look great! You aren't kidding about the rain, my Cub Scout den's Mother Day Marshmallow Roast had to be rescheduled AGAIN, maybe by next Mother's Day they will get their gifts LOL! I thought it was going to clear up today but fog is settling in now :(