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- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yarn along

Alright, the sweater is finally taking shape. For the longest time I was afraid it wasn't going to turn into a sweater, but now I can actually tell what it is going to be. Since it is being knit sideways, I'm about half way done - left to knit is the other half of the back and the right front. The sleeves will be knit separately. Thankfully it'll be a fairly light sweater, so maybe I'll still be able to wear it this spring.
I'm now on book three in the Hunger Games trilogy and still enjoying it very much. My goal is to be done with the book by the time the movie comes out. The girls but especially Hannah really want to go see it...
Ok, langsam aber sicher kann man erkennen, dass dies eine Jacke werden soll. Ich hatte am Anfang das Gefuehl, dass es niemals etwas wird, aber mittlerweile bin ich beruhigt. Da die Jacke in einem Stueck seitwaerts gestrickt wird, bin ich jetzt ziemlich in der Mitte angelangt. Es bleibt noch die Haelfte des Rueckens und das rechte Vorderteil zu stricken. Die Aermel werden seperat gestrickt. Gluecklicherweise wird dies eine relativ duenne Jacke, so dass ich sie im Fruehjahr vielleicht doch noch anziehen kann.
Zwischenzeitlich bin ich bei dem dritten Buch in der Hunger Games Serie angelangt und ich bin immer noch richtig begeistert davon. Ich moechte gerne mit dem Buch fertig sein, bevor der Film ins Kino kommt. Beide Maedels, aber vor allem Hannah wollen ihn unbedingt sehen...
Hop on over to Ginny's to see what everybody else is knitting, crocheting and reading.
Schaut doch mal bei Ginny vorbei um zu sehen was andere stricken, haekeln und lesen.


  1. How interesting to knit a sweater sideways, it sounds fun! I think I wouldl like to try that pattern. What yarn are you using?
    Happy Yarn Along!

  2. Tracey, the yarn is a baby alpaca that brought back from Germany. It is sooo soft...

  3. I can't wait to see this sweater....oh, it is going to be so darn comfy!
    Enjoy your day!

  4. I adore the color of that sweater, Anke! Ooooo I read the Hunger Game series of books also! I can't wait for the movie to be released on the 23rd!! big hugs xxx

  5. I finished the first book a week ago Tuesday and think I'm going to love this series, too.

  6. I'm intrigued by the idea of knitting sideways. It will be interesting to see what effect it has when finished.

  7. With all the work you put into the sweater I hope you can wear it in the spring! Waiting til fall would be difficult because it is beautiful!!

  8. I think knitting sideways would be difficult for me. I'd have trouble understanding where I was in the piece. It's looking beautiful. You're doing a nice job. :)

  9. It looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished sweater!

  10. Really looking forward to your sweater. Like the others I think it is intriguing that you knit sideways.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!