Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A birthday in pictures

Hannah's "official" Birthday party will be during the summer month, but she did have a few friends over for a little get-together. 
I think fun was had by all... :-)
Hannah's "richtige" Geburtstagsfeier wird erst im Sommer stattfinden, aber wir haben gestern im kleinen Kreis gefeiert.
Ich glaube alle hatten eine gute Zeit und Spass dabei...


  1. I'm glad that they had a great time!
    I started to read your German section by accident and stopped at "richtige" thinking, "What's a richtige? ha! I really need to slow down and pay attention to what I'm reading.
    p.s. You got some amazing eyes on you!

  2. Aw, thank you Mark that was very sweet of you to say. I have to give my father credit for those.

  3. Looks like fun! Love that you slipped a photo of the pretty Aussie in there, too! :)

  4. Thank you Erin, I think all the girls had fun. Savvy is actually a blue merle border collie - at that point she was worn out from playing fetch. Another bonus of having lots of kids here, there was always somebody willing to throw a pine cone or ball. :-)

  5. I'm so glad that Hannah had such a nice time at her birthday get together. She definitely looks happy! Loved the picture of she and her dad...and the one of you and Greg is super. You look so happy, Anke. And always glad to see a pic of Savvy! :)

  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Hannah ! Sie sieht auf dem Bild mit dem Vaterich schon so erwachsen aus ! Irgendwie verfliegt die Zeit, kaum sind sie auf die Welt geschlüpft, fahren sie auf einmal schon Auto....

    Ich wünsche Euch ein wundervolles Wochenende !

    Es winkt

  7. Guten Morgen Anke,

    ja, das "Projekt" wird schon etwas größer und vor allem sehr "staubig", ...

    Ich muss es doch mal sagen, eure Tochter ist ja eine bildhübsche junge Frau, herzlichen Glückwunsch.
    Euch eine gute Zeit über die Feiertage, die nun kommen.

    Viele Grüße Elli

  8. Hannah is the spitting image of YOU; gorgeous.
    I'm so glad her party was fun for all....what the heck can you do in the summer to top it? :)