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- Sir Winston Churchill

Monday, November 7, 2011

Preparing for bad weather...

This month it'll be seven month since our area was hit by several tornadoes. As most of you know we were incredibly fortunate and made it through it without any damage, but were without power for 6 days. The weather is changing already and since this has been a very strange year weather wise, we've been preparing a bit here and there. 
During the tornado in April, we had no idea what was going on. No power = no TV or radio. Right after things went "back to normal" Greg bought this little radio.Let me tell you, it is the McGyver of radios. You can plug it in, use batteries, it's solar powered and has a crank handle. You can charge your cell phone, mp3 or iphone on it as well. Plus it has a reading lamp and flashlight, can be used as a weather radio or "normal" radio.
Diesen Monat sind es nun schon sieben Monate her, dass etliche Tornados in unserer Gegend Chaos angerichtet haben. Wie ihr wisst, hatten wir unglaublich viel Glueck und haben alles ohne Schaden ueberstanden, waren aber 6 Tage ohne Strom. Jetzt kommt langsam wieder die Zeit in der wir oefters sehr schlechtes Wetter haben und deshalb haben wir "Vorraete" angelegt.
Da wir im April waehrend der Tornados keinen Strom hatten, hatten wir ueberhaupt keine Ahnung was los war und wie schlimm es war. Kein Strom = kein Fernseher oder Radio. Nachdem hier alles wieder "beim alten" war, hat Greg uns gleich diesen Radio gekauft. Man kann ihn mit Strom oder Batterien benutzen, er hat eine Solar Panele oder man kann ihn mit einer Kurbel aufladen. Wir koennen unsere Handy's', iphones oder mp3 players damit aufladen, er hat eine Taschenlampe und Leselampe und kann als Radio oder nur Wetter Radio benutzt werden.
We had a bunch of oil lamps last time, but only one was filled with oil. Now every single one of them is filled.
Wir hatten all diese Oel Lampen im April, aber nur eine davon war mit Oel gefuellt. Jetzt sind alle gefuellt!
We also didn't have any oil to refill the lamps with and all the stores were out. Now we have some (not enough though) oil on hand.
Wir hatten auch kein Oel mit dem wir die Lampen fuellen konnten. Jetzt haben wir wenigstens etwas (noch nicht genug) Oel im Haus.
Got plenty of candles, too...
Kerzen haben wir auch genuegend...
Oil lamps or candles wouldn't do us any good, if we couldn't light them. That's taken care of as well.
Oellampen und Kerzen wuerden uns herzlich wenig nuetzen, wenn wir sie nicht anzuenden koennten. Haben also auch da vorgesorgt.
We had lots of food on hand in April, but no way to cook it. Now we have a full propane tank,some smaller ones for the camping grill and firewood for the fire-pit stocked up. 
Essen hatten wir genuegend auf Vorrat im April, aber leider konnten wir es nicht kochen. Jetzt haben wir einen vollen Tank fuer den Gasgrill, ein paar kleine fuer den Campinggrill und Holz fuer die Feuerstelle auf Lager.

We also have a stocked pantry and freezer and some water stashed away. Of course should we get hit directly, none of this will do us any good. But hopefully we'll never have to deal with that... Any other suggestions of what to keep on hand?
Unsere Speisekammer sowie Gefrierschrank sind gut gefuellt und wir haben auch Wasser auf Vorrat gekauft. Wenn unser Haus natuerlich dirket getroffen werden sollte hilft uns das alles nichts, aber wir hoffen dass das nie passiert. Hat jemand sonst noch irgendwelche Ideen was wir fuer den Notfall haben sollten?


  1. Well, any natural disasters, and we are all coming to your house!! Good to be prepared. Sometimes being prepared seems like an insurance policy against anything bad. When you're prepared, it doesn't seem to happen. So, I will keep my fingers crossed that this is all for nothing!!
    But, you've got to admit, it has been a weird year. We had a tornado, a flood, and an earthquake all in our area this summer. WEIRD!

  2. You are quite the girl scout; being prepared!!! Of course, the way it works, is you won't need any of this stuff now. Hopefully!
    I have not seen any oil lamps like these in years...and you have SO many.
    I the only thing I would add, and you might already have it down in your box, would be a first aid kit.
    Take care, Suz

  3. I love that radio!! Lust Lust! Going on my wish list:) lol! Looks like you have a good stock of essentials, Anke.. I can't think of anything you might need. I posted a new way of cooking called Thermos Cooking yesterday, and was thinking to myself it could come in handy during a disaster when you would be trying to conserve fuel... also, thermoses are handy for keeping soup and things warm without having to use fuel... so if you don't have a thermos or two, you might consider that a beneficial addition. I hope you never need any of them, my friend! xx

  4. Good for you, for all this preparedness! I'm suffering from pretty severe envy at the sight of your oil lamps - beautiful, and practical. Awesome. :-)
    If we were without power, mostly we'd rely on our camping gear. We keep it well stocked all through the camping season, and re-stock it again before packing it away in the fall. I imagine we could survive a good month if we had to.
    My biggest worry would be the frozen foods - I'd have to heat water over a fire and get to canning it before it all went bad!

  5. Da habt ihr jetzt wirklich gut vorgesorgt. Ich wünsche euch, dass euch trotzdem kein Unglück trifft.
    Lieben Gruß, Petra

  6. Great job in getting prepared. Now I need to get off MY duff and do the same. I've been wanting one of those "crank" radios forever. Sounds like you got a really nice one!

  7. After we were hit by the Hurricane and lost power for a few days, Fred went out and bought a generator. We haven't had a chance to use it yet but we are ready!

  8. Suz, we do have a first aid kit, but it probably isn't as well stocked as it should be. Thanks for reminding me! Leslie, I have two thermoses but had never heard of thermos cooking. I'll have to check that out.
    Mark, we bought a generator during our April power outage and used it for the fridge and freezer. We're still considering getting a bigger one, since this one could only run one thing at a time.

  9. Good idea on all of it!I need an oil lamp or 2 and candles. When we had an ice storm a few years ago we had everyone at our house because we had the wood heat and all that. So alot of our friends with electric heat ended up at our house.

  10. Liebe Anke,

    ich denke, ihr habt richtig gut vorgesorgt und hoffe aber von Herzen, das ihr all diese Dinge so schnell nicht brauchen werdet!

    Ich schicke Dir viele liebe Grüße aus der Ferne und drücke Euch ganz feste die Daumen das alles gut geht!


  11. I love my oil lamps, the light is so pleasant and it's enough to read or knit also! Those radios are awesome, thats been on my wish list! Make sure you keep a bottle of bleach with your kit, you can use it for purifying water as well as disinfecting and for water would last you far longer than a pack of those bitter tablets!

  12. I don't blame you for being prepared. I have put everything in one place so I know where it is, and I'm not running all over the house looking for it! One thing that I would mention is more flashlights. The oil lamps and candles are great, but I've read and heard on tv to use flashlights first in case there is a gas leak. I need to stock up on some again as they have a habit of disappearing around here! Of course if you don't have gas coming into your house you would not need it. We have a propane tank, and live in a mobile home, but after seeing what twisters can do to brick homes I don't think anyone would be safe.
    Take Care,

  13. You are right Ulrike, I forgot about the flashlights. We actually do have quite a few, but I completely forgot about them. We each have a rechargeable flashlight by our bed and then there are some placed "here and there" throughout the house. But now I'm going to go check and see if we have enough batteries for those that need them. Thanks for the reminder!