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- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yarn along

Last night I got started on another triangular scarf. Seems like I can't get enough of those at the moment - even if it is still too warm to wear them. The yarn is "Drachenwolle" (from Germany) and was sent to me as a birthday gift from Marion. The photo doesn't do the yarn justice, it's a beautiful color and wonderful to kit with. The pattern is a free ravelry download called "Triangular scarf with eyelet rows".
I started reading "Meditations for women who knit too much" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee last night and love, love, love it! Seems like every page/paragraph make me say "that's me".
To give you and idea, here is a page from the book:
- We cannot wast time. We can only waste ourselves.  George M. Adams
Sometimes, people come up to me when I am knitting and they say things like, "Oh, I wish I could knit, but I'm just not the kind of person who can sit and waste time like that." How can knitting be wasting time? First, I never just knit; I knit and think, knit and listen, knit and watch. Second, you aren't wasting time if you get a useful or beautiful object at the end of it.
I will remember that not everyone understands. I will resist the urge to ask others what they do when they watch TV. -
How can you not love this book!!!
Gestern Abend habe ich wieder ein Dreieckstuch angefangen. Im Moment stricke ich diese Tuecher unwahrscheinlich gerne - auch wenn es noch viel zu warm ist sie tragen. Die Wolle ist "Drachenwolle" und war ein Geburtstagsgeschenk von Marion. (Nochmals ganz vielen herzlichen Dank!) Das Bild bringt die wunderschoenen Farben leider gar nicht so gut zur Geltung, aber die Wolle ist ein Traum. Farblich und zu stricken. 
Seit gestern Abend lese ich "Meditations for women who knit too much" bei Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Ist ein tolles Buch, und ich erkenne mich auf jeder Seite wieder.
Before I started the triangular scarf last night, I finished Nadia's scarf. I have decided that I will never knit with novelty yarn again! Personally I had no fun knitting with it whatsoever. It didn't feel good knitting and it was very hard to see the stitches with the fuzzy yarn. The good thing about it, Nadia LOVES the scarf. (Guess that's why she gave me the yarn as a present. ) She pretty much wore it around all night last night and  that makes the whole thing worth it.
Bevor ich mit dem Tuch angefangen habe, habe ich Nadia's Schal fertig gestrickt. Ich habe beschlossen nie mehr mit "novelty yarn" zu stricken. Das Stricken selbst hat ueberhaupt keinen Spass gemacht. Es hat sich nicht gut angefuehlt und die Maschen waren sehr schwer zu erkennen. Das Gute an der Sache ist, dass Nadia den Schal LIEBT! (Darum hat sie mir wohl auch die Wolle geschenkt.) Sie hat ihn gestern den ganzen Abend getragen und das macht das die ganze Sache dann doch wieder wert.
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Schaut mal bei Ginny vorbei und seht was alle anderen so stricken und lesen.


  1. Great sounding book and that yarn does look lovely. Happy knitting! (definitely not a time waster!) : )


  2. I totally agree--I knit and think, knit and read, knit and plan the day, knit and "redecorate" in my head--then hop and fluff around the house!!! Knitting--wasting time????---NEVER!!!!

  3. I love that yarn! As for wasting time...come on now, really knitting is quite productive:)

  4. Personally, I think doing anything that YOU enjoy is never ever a waste of time. And anyone who says anything differently to you is rude. :)
    I love the triangle scarf...pretty soon they will get some use.
    Nadia's scarf is adorable; surely she could talk you into one more. :0

  5. Nadia's scarf is beautiful!

    I agree with you about knitting and thinking. That's such an important part of my day; it's meditational and helps me unwind and relax, while at the same time I think through some very important life stuff. And who can argue with the finished object at the end.

  6. I hope to be seeing Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in the flesh this weekend. She'll be signing copies of her new book at a sheep and wool festival that I'm attending.

  7. I am not a knitter, though I can knit, because somehow it makes me feel under a lot of pressure! But I certainly don't think that knitting could be a waste of time. It IS very contemplative and very creative. I'm pretty surprised that anyone says such things to you. And this is beautiful, the scarf you made for Nadia.

  8. She's such a pretty girl. I just had to say it.

  9. What is your Ravelry name? I want to check out your triangle scarf pattern..I am addicted to them easy and pretty!

  10. what a really lovely pattern, and I completely agree with you about the novelty yarn, i hate working with it! As for wasting time?! Better than sitting with idle hands in front of the TV!!!!!

  11. I really like this new yarn,'s really different!

  12. I have so many triangle shawls in my "to knit" list! I just love them right now and yours looks great in that yarn. Love the colors. I am with you on the novelty yarn! I once used it several years ago for someone's scarf and swore I would never touch it again!

  13. The scarf is pretty on her, what a beautiful girl. I do know what you mean about novelty yarns. Your yarn for your scarf looks very pretty. I've seen this book around, now I will pick it up, sounds so good. :)