Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Monday, October 24, 2011


How to humiliate your dog.... in our case, just add water and take pictures...
Don't feel too bad for her though, she had rolled in some putrid, horrible smelling stuff and REALLY needed this bath.
Wie man seinen Hund demuetigen kann... in diesem Fall braucht man nur Wasser und eine Kamera...
Ihr muesst aber nicht allzuviel Mitleid mit Savvy haben, sie hatte sich vorher in etwas ekligem, stinkigem gerollt und musste unbedingt gebaden werden.
 Don't look at me...
Schau mich nicht an...
 Nope, not looking at you either...
Blickkontakt auf alle Faelle vermeiden...
Almost done, until she rolls in some grody stuff again. And there will be a next time, there always is...
Fast fertig, bis sie sich wieder in etwas ekelhaftem rollt. Und das passiert auf alle Faelle...
Don't forget about the giveaway, I'll draw the winner this Friday. :-)
Vergesst den giveaway nicht, am Freitag ziehe ich den Gewinner. :-)


  1. Awwwww, Anke, she is just adorable. I fee for you....and hate the stinky rolling they love to do!!

  2. She is gorgeous! I heart Aussies :)

  3. Erin, Savvy is actually a blue merle border collie. She's pretty small for the breed, but she's definitely neurotic enough...

  4. Oh how adorable she is! lol! How did I miss you had this cutie!? xxx

  5. Oh, what a poor, sweet dog! What a face--so humiliated. I hope you gave her a treat afterwards!

  6. Lol!! They are always act like you have just been so horrible to them. One of our house dogs when she hears the word Bath she growls at me!! lol

  7. What a precious post, Anke! Love the girl! She is definitely a beauty!

  8. Oh how cute...I especially love the last image Anke...

    Thanks for coming over to my blog and the nice comments about the rabbit slippers...they are so easy to make.

    Happy Halloween...:o)

  9. She is so pretty...even while being tortured. :)

  10. Anke...ich schicke Savvy soooofort die Nummer vom Tierschutzverein (lach)!
    Mensch ist das gemein, aber den Blick kenne ich von hier, meiner guckt auch so wenn er baden muss, hihihihi...
    Ich schätze das liegt dran, das unsere kleinen Süßen dann denken "Mensch ich stinke jetzt total" und schon wird sich irgendwo im Gras neu rumgewälzt.
    Ganz liebe Grüße und dicken Schmatzer für Savvy das super Model!!!


  11. Too funny! Our husky acted that way too. Once when she was mad at my hubby before we got married she went into the bedroom, pulled the comforter off the bed and through the doggie door! The things they do.