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- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, August 14, 2011

She passed!!!

Nadia had Taekwondo testing for her next black belt yesterday and passed with flying colors! She rocked the whole thing!

They are given three chances to perform their form, Nadia got it perfectly right the first time.

Nadia hatte gestern Taekwondo testing fuer ihren naechsten schwarzen Guertel und hat alles prima gemacht! Sie hat alles beim ersten Versuch geschafft und war einfach super gut.

Alle haben drei Versuche ihre 'Form' vorzufuehren, Nadia hat nur einen gebraucht.

Here she is performing her 'contact skill'. She has gotten so much better and we give a lot of credit to her instructor. (Mr. Johnson is sitting at the table on the left.)

Hier fuehrt sie ihren 'contact skill' vor. Seit sie ihren neuen Instructor hat, ist sie viel, viel besser geworden. (Mr. Johnson sitzt links hinten am Tisch.)She did a great job sparring and was able to break both boards (with a hand and a foot technique) on the first try.

Auch beim 'sparring' war sie gut und hat beide 'Bretter' beim ersten Mal gebrochen. Eines mit der Hand und eines mit einem Kick.Next Thursday is the awards ceremony and Nadia will be a 2nd degree level one blackbelt!

Good job Nadia, we're so proud of you!!

Naechsten Donnerstag bekommt sie ihren neuen Guertel verliehen und ist dann ein '2nd degree level 1 blackbelt'!

Super gemacht Nadia, wir sind wahnsinnig stolz auf dich!!


  1. Congratulations to Nadia!
    Skills like this will increase her confidence later in life.
    (I don't think I could break a board-ever!)

  2. Starkes Mädchen,
    Hut ab und herzlichen Glückwunsch!

  3. Congratulations to Nadia! She must have great skills and have worked hard to earn this!

  4. That is so wonderful!!!! You must all be so proud!

  5. OH WOW congratulations! That is so exciting! Has she been doing it for a long time?

  6. Thank you everybody for all those nice comments, Nadia will be thrilled to read them! She did Taekwondo for two years, took a 7 month break and then started back up. She is doing great right now and yes, we are very proud of her.

  7. Congrats to Nadia! What a great skill and sport to see her through her whole life!