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- Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The difference one day makes...

This is what our front yard looked like two days ago: Several large pine trees were providing shade, but were also growing into the power lines.
So sah unser Vorgarten vor zwei Tagen aus: Ein paar grosse Kiefern haben Schatten gespendet, sind aber leider auch in die elektrischen Leitungen gewachsen. Not only were they growing into the power lines, but ever since the storm moved through our area, I was really worried about them falling onto the house.
Nicht nur sind sie in die Leitungen gewachsen, ich hatte seit dem Tornado in April immer Angst, dass sie uns bei stuermischem Wetter auf's Haus fallen.

This is what our front yard looks like today. The city actually came and cut down all the trees for us and will still remove the roots and all the debris. We were a little sad to see the trees go, but we plan on adding a nice (kind of kidney shaped) flower bed to the front and replanting two trees. Nothing that can grow into the power lines, though...
It is amazing how much more light we get into the house and even the garage without those large trees in our front yard. Makes a huge difference!
So sieht unser Vorgarten heute aus. Leute von der Stadt sind gestern gekommen und haben alle Baeume gefaellt, und werden nun noch die Wurzeln rausmachen und alles mitnehmen. Es war schon ein bissl traurig beim Faellen zuzusehen, aber wir haben vor ein schoenes (vielleicht nierenfoermiges) Blumenbeet anzulegen und zwei neue Baeume zu pflanzen. Nur keine die wieder in die Leitungen wachsen koennen.
Es macht auch einen riesigen Unterschied im Haus - es ist ohne die grossen Baeume viel, viel heller.


  1. I'm not a big fan of pines, we have some 3-4 story monsters growing right by our house too. So far, knock on wood, they are still ok. We have cut down a bunch of trees around here too, but here it just gave the other trees more room when I'd like more sunlight! Don't ever plant bradford pears though, those things snap in a heartbeat.

  2. Ulrike, the girls are actually begging for a cherry tree. We've seen a few miniature trees online, but I have not looked into growing them yet. Would it be weird to have a cherry tree in the front yard? ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh....looks like a different house now! I would miss the trees...we need more to SHADE our house from the hot sun. :) But I understand the dangers too with storms.
    Can't wait to see your new bed and trees.

  4. OH, that is too bad. I hope you can plant the new, smaller trees very soon.
    The Arbor Day Foundation has a wonderful site where you can put in information about the size of tree you want and the kind of soil you have, etc... and it will give you a list of good trees to plant.

  5. Wow what a difference! I hope your new flower bed gives you a lovely place to create something in the tree's place.

  6. Da hast Du ja dann auch wieder die Möglichkeit dich odentlich Blumentechnisch auszutoben. vielleicht ein paar wunderschöne Kletterrosen oder so ?