Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making soap, take two...

Do you remember my first attempt at soap making? I had made the soap from a kit and it turned out really well - several friends loved it and said it was great for their dry skin. Anyway...
I wanted to make soap again, but was still a little intimidated by the whole thing. Weighing and measuring, the oil and lye ratio...
Enter this book! I love, love, love it!! Bought it without really knowing what to expect, but would highly recommend it to anybody who ever considered making their own soap. The instructions are clear and concise and she really demystifies the whole process.
Koennt ihr euch noch daran erinnern als ich das letzte Mal Seife gemacht hatte? Ich hatte ein Seifenkit gekauft und die Seife wurde wirklich ganz toll. Einige Freundinnen waren ganz begeistert davon und meinten sie waere super fuer ihre trockene Haut. Ich wollte schon die ganze Zeit wieder Seife machen, hatte aber immer noch ein bissl Muffe vor dem Ganzen. Ich hatte so oft gelesen wie kompliziert es sei alles ganz genau abzumessen und hatte immer noch gehoerigen Respekt vor der Lauge.
Dann habe ich dieses Buch gefunden! Ich LIEBE dieses Buch! Es wird alles so genau erklaert und ich habe mich nach dem Lesen sofort ans Seifenmachen getraut. Wenn ihr jemals Seife machen wolltet, folgt meinem Rat und kauft euch dieses Buch. The proof is right here. My first ever totally homemade batch of soap. She calls it "all veggie grocery store soap #1" and with the exception of the lye, all the ingredients were bought at my last shopping trip. Olive and coconut oil, distilled water and lye- that's all. It kinda looks like cheese right now, but it smells like coconut. The soap has to cure for a few weeks now, but I'm really excited about using it.
Hier ist das Beweisphoto. Meine erste total selbstgemachte Seife! Die Authorin nennt sie "all veggie grocery store soap #1" und ausser der Lauge sind alle Zutaten aus dem Supermarkt. Olivenoel, Kokosnussoel, destilliertes Wasser und die Lauge - das wars auch schon. Im Moment sieht die Seife fast aus wie Kaese, riecht aber richtig lecker nach Kokosnuss. Die Seife muss jetzt noch ein paar Wochen ruhen, aber ich freue mich jetzt schon richtig darauf sie zu benutzen.


  1. I like the simplicity of that book cover. The soap looks great. You should have a little Blog contest and give away a bar of soap to the winner. That would be fun! Unless I lost and then it wouldn't be.
    Congratulations on your success! Mark

  2. You are so versatile, those soaps look great! I'm sorry I've not been here for a while - just recently got back into blogging because it's too hot to be outside too long.

    I love your new (sexy) profile photo - very nice! I know you're enjoying our early summer with the kids! Happy soap making und
    Auf Wiedersehen!
    Doris und Gizzy :-)

  3. This is so funny! When I saw Dilli from Frugal Homesteads a couple of weeks ago she gave a bar of poison ivy soap to me. She did a post on it once, and hers is made in a crockpot. I have been wanting to make soap for a while too (I really love soap especially Italian soap or Fa) so when I went to Goodwill today I found a book called The Complete Soapmaker. It has so many different soaps to make plus a basic one. Now I'm going to have to look up yours too. Guess we are all on a soap making thing! Yours looks really nice! Can't wait to try since it sounds like you had an easy time with it!
    Liebe grusse,

  4. OH they kinda do look like slices of cheese! Just that perfect soft buttery color. But I bet they smell wonderful! I would love to try making soap some time, but have been scared off by all the lye mixing stories.

  5. Liebe Schaumschlägerin,
    das wollt ich auch schon immer mal machen. Es sieht interessant aus und sicher riecht auch das ganze Haus nun herrlich nach Kokosnüssen.

    Ich hab nur im Internet eine gute Seite dazu gefunden, wo Du sicher mal draufschauen kannst:

    Viel Spaß und Erfolg, liebe Anke !


  6. Thank you, Anke, for your endorsement of this book. I will be looking for it because I have wanted to make soap for a couple of years now, but not really sure what to do.

  7. That is awesome. So glad you kept trying!!!!

  8. Let us know how well it works! Looks pretty :-)