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- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hannah's party

After having to postpone it for a week, Hannah was finally able to celebrate her birthday with her friends. She invited a few neighbors kids and one friend from school - who wasn't able to come since we had to postpone it. We still had 7 kids and I think they all had a good time.
These are the invitations we gave out...
Nachdem wir die Party um eine Woche verschieben mussten, konnte Hannah gestern endlich ihren Geburtstag mit ihren Freunden feiern. Sie hatte einige Nachbarskinder und eine Freundin von der Schule eingeladen. Diese konnte leider nicht kommen, aber es waren trotzdem noch immer 7 Kinder.
So sahen die Einladungen aus, die Hannah ausgeteilt hat.We took all the kids to go skating and play laser tag. They had so much fun, but sadly I wasn't able to get a lot of (good) pictures.
Wir sind mit allen Kindern zum Rollschuhfahren und Laser tag spielen gegangen. Alle hatten sehr viel Spass dabei, aber leider konnte ich nicht viele (gute) Photos machen.
Our birthday girl. I had a total stranger tell me how beautiful she thought Hannah was. She was shocked to hear she's only 13 and asked if we already owned a gun or planned on buying one. ;-) You know, for the "dating years"...
Unser Geburtstagskind. Eine wildfremde Frau ist auf mich zugegagen um mir zu sagen wie huebsch sie Hannah fand. Sie war ganz geschockt zu hoeren, dass Hannah erst 13 ist und hat gefragt ob wir schon eine Waffe besitzen, oder wenigstens vorhaben eine zu kaufen. ;-) Ihr wisst schon, fuer die "dating" Zeit...
Like I said, not a lot of good pictures. But you can tell how much fun they had...
Wie gesagt, nicht viele gute Photos, aber man sieht wieviel Spass die Kinder hatten.
Lots of skating makes you very, very thirsty!
Ganz viel Rollschuhfahren macht ganz viel Durst!
We got back home around 6:00 and cooked Hamburgers and hot dogs for the hungry crowd. They were starving after all that skating and chasing each other.
So gegen 18:00 Uhr sind wir wieder nach Hause gekommen und haben dann die hungrige Meute mit Hamburgern und Hot dogs versorgt. Alle hatten einen riesigen Kohldampf!

Hannah finally opened presents at 7:30 and afterward everybody ate cake - totally forgot to get pictures of that. The boys went home at 8:00 and the girls got to spend the night. (Definitely no boys allowed for that!) It was finally quiet at around 11:00, which lasted until about 7:00 this morning.
Um 19:30 hat Hannah dann endlich ihre Geschenke ausgepackt und danach haben alle noch Geburtstagskuchen gegessen. Leider habe ich total vergessen davon ein Bild zu machen.
Die Jungs sind so gegen 20:00 Uhr nach Hause gegangen und die Maedels haben alle hier geschlafen. (Soweit Jungs uebernachten zu lassen sind wir noch gaaanz lange nicht.) Gegen 23:00 Uhr ist dann langsam Ruhe eingekehrt - aber um 7:00 Uhr heute frueh war sie auch schon wieder vorbei...
All in all, I would say the party was a success. Now we'll just have to do the same thing one more time for Nadia...
Ich glaube die Party hat allen gut gefallen, jetzt muessen wir es nur noch einmal wiederholen wenn Nadia Geburtstag hat. :-)


  1. That's awesome! My hubby is a die hard skater, really good at disco and such and he always steals the show with his nerdiness at parties LOL!

  2. What a great birthday! I agree...she IS beautiful and you must invest in a gun and a good security system!!!! Keep those boys away....they cause so much trouble.

  3. Thanks for sharing pics from Hannah's fun weekend. It certainly looks like everyone had a great time. I agree with the stranger who commented to you about Hannah's beauty! Every time I see a picture of her I think of how much she looks like you, Anke. Does she look like you at that age? And by the way, Nadia is right up there with her beauty. She is really "growing up" too, just since I've known you.

  4. Hey there!

    It's pretty cool you guys sent out invitations! She's only 13 but she's got em! Usually here, in the Philippines, toddlers and debutants only get to send out invitations.

    Seems like everybody had a nice night. Maybe if they were old, boys can sleep over? I used to have the "no boys allowed " rule at home too. But now at 19 years old, groups of boys could get to sleep too. Actually, with all the partying, no one ever really sleeps!

  5. Oh, I miss the days of birthdays!! So much fun! Glad the day turned out great...I am sure Hannah will always remember how special her birthdays were.

  6. Looks like so much fun! You're a brave woman to have that many girls spending the night. Smart, too, for tiring them out with skating and laser tag first!

  7. Another year already? Where did the last one go? Both girls are very pretty, but Hannah definitely looks a lot like you! I'm glad she had a wonderful time.

  8. I agree, the boys will be coming out of the woodwork soon:) Your girls are both so lovely! XX