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- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stocking stuffer swap

Recently I've been showing all the goodies I've received through the stocking stuffer swap that "two frog home" was hosting. I wasn't able to show mine until now, since I didn't want to spoil it for anybody. Now mine are mailed and received, so it's safe to show the goodies I sent out.
First off I made a magnetic bookmark for everybody. A friend of mine had made me one, and I really like using it. They don't slip out of books very easily.
Habe schon einige Geschenke hergezeigt die ich durch den stocking stuffer swap erhalten hatte. Meine konnte ich bisher nicht zeigen, da ich die Ueberraschung fuer alle nicht ruinieren wollte. Jetzt sind meine Geschenke jedoch verschickt (und erhalten) und so kann ich nun endlich auch meine Basteleien zeigen.
Als erstes habe ich fuer alle ein magnetisches Lesezeichen gebastelt. Eine Freundin hatte mir eines gemacht und ich finde es so praktisch. Normale Lesezeichen rutschen oft aus dem Buch, dieses bleibt aber richtig gut zwischen den Seiten klemmen.I also made everybody a bag filled with gift tags for every occasion. Everything from Christmas, birthdays to Halloween.
Dann habe ich mich noch ran gemacht und jedem eine Tuete mit allen moeglichen Geschenkanhaengern gestempelt. Ist fuer alles etwas dabei, Weihnachten, Geburtstag, Halloween, Ostern...
And last but not least, everybody got a painted Santa ornament. Can you guess what they are?
Und zu guter letzt bekam jeder noch ein handbemaltes Nikolaus Ornament. Wisst ihr aus was die gemacht sind?
They are overgrown, dried okra pods. Some of them were close to 12 inches long when I picked them. Not edible anymore for sure, but very nice for a crafts idea.
Hopefully everybody liked their gifts from me...
Es sind Okra pods die ich nicht rechtzeitig geerntet hatte. Manche davon waren fast 30 cm lang! Essen sollte man sie wenn sie so ca 8 cm lang sind, also zum Essen nicht geeignet, zum Basteln aber prima.
Hoffentlich haben meine Geschenke allen gefallen...


  1. Anke, you are so creative! I love the Overgrown Okra Santas!

    You asked about meat chickens. I am not selling meat chickens at this time, although I have considered it in the past. I am planning on letting my Silkies sit on my other chicken's eggs in spring. If you are not looking for the Big breasted Rocks like you get at the supermarket I would be happy to let you have some of them. I do sell eggs and my hens are pastured but not strictly organic, because I can't afford the cost of the organic feed. Perhaps we can meet sometime soon and talk about antiques, chickens, and your lovely talents!

  2. I love that Okra Santa idea, Anke - how ingenious! I would never in a million years would have thought of that, but they look absolutely adorable...did you put some kind of varnish over the paint so that they last or do they eventually expire?

    You are so creative :-) I like your other items as well, but the Okra Santas blew me away :-)

  3. Liebe Anke,

    WOW...ich kriege vor lauter staunen den Mund nicht mehr zu...einfach TOLL!!!
    Du hast so unglaublich schöne Geschenke gebastelt und die Empfänger können sich sehr, sehr glücklich schätzen! Wahnsinn...Du bist unglaublich talentiert und machst sehr schöne Arbeiten. Alleine das Lesezeichen ist absolut genial und die Idee mit den Okraschoten finde ich so was von süß...wirklich goldig!

    Ich wünsche Dir eine wunderschöne Woche und schicke viele liebe Grüße mit,


  4. Doris, I just put a coating of clear lacquer over the okra once it was painted. To paint and spray them, I put a thin wire through the top and hung them on a bamboo pole. After they were dry, I used the wire to pull through the ribbon.
    Danke Marion fuer deine lieben Komplimente!

  5. I love all your crafts...but oh my the Okra santas are just so creative!!!

  6. What a wonderful idea! I've never heard of a stocking stuffer exchange. I think it would look much better on my hips that a cookie exchange! And may I add that your bookmarks, tags, and ornaments are lovely? Great job!

  7. Anyone who can find a use for overgrown okra pods is my hero. :-) Everything looks awesome, you are so creative!

  8. I keep saying how creative you are but then you go and blow me away again! dang, woman! I'd never seen a magnetic book marker before, what a FABULOUS invention - mine keep slipping out of my books all the time. thank you for the inspiration! :)

  9. Oh my goodness!! Those Santas are just too darn cute!! Clever girl you are!! Amazing!


  10. I like the idea of the magnetic bookmark...and the ones you made are so pretty, Anke. The gift tags took a lot of time and I'm sure any one who receives them in their stocking will be thrilled! And what a clever idea of how to use okra pods! SO cute!

  11. You are so talented! I'm sure everyone was very happy with their gifts!