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- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Small changes...

As Hannah is getting older, her taste is changing as well. It's only been about 2 1/2 years since we painted her room, but she has decided she would like it painted a different color. I'm fine with repainting her room, but it will have to wait until it is cooler outside. (We at least need to be able to open the windows to get some of the paint fumes out.) So, since we aren't painting the room, we're updating some of the things she already has. No need to buy all new things in my opinion...
This is a lamp Hannah just had to have two years ago, so we got it for her as a birthday present. It fit into her old color scheme, but it really won't match once the room is painted.
Hannah's Zimmer wurde vor ca 2 1/2 Jahren gestrichen, aber nun hat sich ihr Geschmack wieder total veraendert und sie haette es gerne neu gestrichen. Dagegen habe ich eigentlich nichts einzuwenden, nur wollen wir warten bis es etwas kuehler ist.( Moechte wenigstens die Fenster oeffnen koennen, wenn ich streiche.) Nachdem wir schon nicht streichen, haben wir aber wenigstens begonnen einige Sachen in ihrem Zimmer etwas aufzupeppen, so das sie dann zu den neuen Farben passen.
Diese Lampe musste Hannah vor zwei Jahren unbedingt haben und so bekam sie sie von uns zu ihrem Geburtstag. Zu den Farben die sie im Augenblick in ihrem Zimmer hat, passt die Lampe ganz gut. Zu den neuen Farben passt sie aber ueberhaupt nicht mehr.I took all the 'danglies' off and spray painted the lamp black.
Ich habe das ganze Geplaenkel von der Lampe gemacht und sie dann in schwarz lackiert.
Next I took my circle punch and punched out a whole lot of circles, which were then sewn together. (The blue and green are the colors she picked as her new paint colors by the way.)
Nun habe ich meinen Kreislocher genommen und ganz viele Kreise ausgestanzt. Diese habe ich dann mit der Naehmaschine zusammengenaeht. (Die Farben sind die, die sich Hannah fuer ihr 'neues' Zimmer ausgesucht hat.)
Tada... the updated lamp! Hannah was really happy with the new look of it, and personally I like it a lot better than the before.
Tada... die fertige Lampe! Hannah war ganz begeistert wie sie jetzt aussieht und mir gefaellt sie so auch viel besser.
The other project was this plain old bulletin board. Pretty boring, right?
Das andere Projekt war dieses Korkbord. Richtig langweilig, oder?
Spray painted the frame black, covered the cork board with burlap and then just glued some ribbon around the edge. Much better, don't you think?
Habe einfach den Rahmen schwarz lackiert und den Kork mit Sackleinen bezogen. Dann noch passende Baender um den Rand geklebt und fertig ist die 'neue' Pinwand.
There is still more to update and we'll show the whole room when it's all done.
Es sind noch einige Sachen in Hannah's Zimmer die aufgemotzt werden sollen. Wir zeigen dann das ganze Zimmer wenn es fertig ist.


  1. Wow! What a terrific make over on that lamp!!!! You are one creative gal, Anke!

  2. Echt pfiffig kann ich da nur sagen.
    Bin gespannt wie der Rest des Zimmers wird wenn es osweit ist.

  3. I remember those days with my daughter changing her room around! The "new" lamp looks terrific; what did you make the circles out of? You are just so creative Anke with everything you do! I am taking today "off" so to speak just to do some blogging. I'm so behind!! You asked about the fruit we got in N.C. I froze the blue berries for later. The pears are still sitting on the counter as they were not that ripe even though they pulled off the tree ok. I spent all last week canning apples!! Summer time is a busy, but good time.
    I can't wait though to see what else the two of you will come up with in her room!
    Take Care,

  4. oh i really like the color palette better for the lamp now also:) and the bulletin board looks very nice too. very cool, anke!

  5. Ulrike, I just punched the circles out of cardstock. There is still a lot to do in Hannah's room, but it will be a little while before it is all done.

  6. You are so clever, love the new lamp and the cork board!!

  7. Your creativity knows no bounds! Love it! :-)

  8. Tolle Ideen hast du. Die lampe ist einfach genial geworden. Ich bin auch auf der Suche nach diesen großen Lochern, sind aber hier in D nur schlecht zu finden, zumindest in der Größe, in der ich sie haben möchte.
    Viel Spaß bei den weiteren Renovierungsarbeiten und ganz liebe Grüße an dich von Petra

  9. I feel as if I've been away for a couple of months instead of a week. When I got home from Maine I had lots of wonderful produce that will need my attention. I made pickles yesterday and will have kidney beans to can tomorrow. So, today I'm trying to catch up on some blog reading.

    Loved the pictures of the sweet sisters you posted a couple of posts ago. They both are growing up so quickly, Anke.

    The salad you featured looks and sounds so yummy. I will be giving it a try, for sure.

    And I love your thinking on redoing things in Hannah's room, as opposed to just going out and buying everything new. I do like the lamp redo better than the original, as you mentioned. I'm looking forward to watching the progress and seeing the finished room.

    Hope things are beginning to cool down for you guys there, weather wise. Last night was the first night in a cooling trend that is coming our way. It was wonderful!

  10. Love the new look of the lamp. It's amazing how a few changes can really give something a whole new personality.