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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Right next to the garage is a flower bed with several large and small holly bushes in it. In our first year here we noticed all these 'weeds' popping up all over the bed, and started pulling them out. Since there were so many, and they were sort of odd looking, we decided to let them go and see what they actually were. Turns out, they were passion flower vines... They grow like crazy and will cling to everything they can reach - the holly bushes, the screen on the garage window, the gutters... Greg built a few trellises for them to climb up on, but they can barely contain the vine.
Gleich neben der Garage ist ein Blumenbeet mit grossen und kleinen Ilex Bueschen. Im ersten Jahr als wir hier waren, war das Beet mit Unkraut uebersaet und wir haben fleissig gerupft. Manches von dem Unkraut sah aber etwas seltsam aus, und so hatten wir beschlossen es mal wachsen zu lassen und zu sehen was draus wird. War auch gut so, denn das 'Unkraut' war eine Passionsblume. Sie waechst wie verrueckt und klettert and allem hoch was in der Naehe ist, die Ilex Buesche, das Fliegengitter am Garagefenster, die Regenrinne... Greg hat ein paar Rankhilfen gebaut, aber auch die langen nicht fuer die Passionsblume.I've tried researching passionflowers online, but there are so many different ones out there. So I have no idea which one we have growing in the flower bed. They do have beautiful blooms, don't they?
Ich habe online versucht herauszufinden was fuer eine Passionsblume es ist, aber es gibt soviele verschieden, ich weiss es immer noch nicht. Sehen die Blueten nicht wunderschoen aus?
The vine is also covered in green fruit, about the size of a small lime. Again, researching online I found out they are supposed to turn yellow or purple and are edible. Well, ours never turns any color and just falls off the vine and rots. Anybody know anything about passionflowers? Are there varieties that produce inedible fruit?
Die Passionsblume hat nicht nur wunderschoene Blueten, sie traegt noch dazu Fruechte! Hatte mich so ueber unsere eigenen Passionsfruechte gefreut... wurde bisher aber immer noch nichts daraus. Habe auch deswegen online nachgeforscht, und die Fruechte sollen entweder gelb oder lila werden. Unsere bleiben leider immer gruen und fallen dann einfach ab und faulen. Kennt sich jemand mit Passionsblumen aus? Gibt es Pflanzen deren Fruechte einfach gar nicht essbar sind?
Wouldn't it be great if these were edible?
Waere es nicht toll, wenn diese Fruechte essbar waeren?


  1. I know only one thing about passion vines/flowers; they are gorgeous!!!

  2. The flowers on the passion vine are beautiful and I know I've seen passion fruit in the market, but I've never tried it. With all of the fruit that is hanging on your vines, it would be wonderful if you could eat them. I'm wondering if maybe the fruit would turn color after you pick them off the vine? I'll have to look that up because now I'm curious.

    Your pickles look wonderful, Anke! We are starting to have a few cucumbers from the garden now. I'm hoping they hold off really producing until after I get back from Maine...or this week before I leave! It's been a couple of years since I've made any pickles so we are needing some.

  3. What a lovely vine! I finally found one that will grow in my zone and not die when we have a hard freeze. Sorry that I don't know anything about a passion flower vine, but have you considered contacting a college horticulture department or your county extension agent?

  4. Hallo anke,
    Danke für dein Lob!
    Freue mich sehr darüber !
    Übrigens deine Passionsblume ist ein Gedicht!


  5. My friend had passion flowers, and the blooms looked just like yours. He never did do anything with the fruit, and if I'm correct, they did the same as yours, just dried up and fell off. Aren't you glad you didn't pull them all out!?

  6. The flowers are beautiful! Talk to some of the Aussie bloggers... they grow a lot of passion fruit there and might be able to help you with your questions.

  7. Hi Anke,
    dein Blog ist aber auch sehr reizend - ich lese ab jetzt regelmäßig!
    LG aus dem etwas kühleren Süd-Deutschland

  8. Hello Anke, I bought some passion flower seeds back in the spring, and actually have two of them growing. No blooms yet. I have one in a pot so I can bring it inside although it may survive our zone 7 winters. I went to a faux painting seminar last night, and the instructor said that his garden did the same thing. Grew about a foot, and then stopped! I think my grandmother is right, must be something in the air! At least I know I'm not the only one. Now if I can only get my passion flower to bloom as the flowers are absolutely gorgeous!! Since you have quite a few of them coming up do you suppose someone might have planted it there before? By the way I'll get you the name and address of the B&B we stayed in when we went to Savannah. I'd stay there again.
    Have a great day doing your fun stuff!!
    Take Care,

  9. Hi Anke
    Habe mich wegen deiner Pasionsfrucht ein wenig umgehört,die Frau Knittel unsere Nachbarin sagte mir es könnte normal sein das die Frucht grün abfällt im Laden gibt es sie auch grün zu kaufen man müsste sie dan liegen lassen zum reifen bis sie von der Farbe lila(aubergin)/grünlich wird und ganz schrumpelich,wen man sie dan aufschneidet ist der innhalt etwas weich,schleimig zum rauslöffeln dan wäre die Frucht reif.Angeblich wären sie im Laden auch recht teuer,ich habe noch keine gesehen.Wie du weist habe ich auch eine Pasionsblume meine trägt keine Früchte.Dafür waren die Blüten aber auch wunderschön.Schicke per mail ein paar Bilder.Gruß Christine

  10. Danke fuer die Info Christine, werde es mal ausprobieren. Freu mich schon auf deine Bilder!

  11. I love these type of passion flowers...I had a big vine when I lived in California and I can still remember the scent of them...I just love them, but even though mine looked just like yours, they never produced the, would be interesting to find out about it, only don't be the first one to experiment with it.