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Friday, July 9, 2010


Hopefully you are not tired of all of our Germany pictures yet, because here are a few more.
We just wandered around Iphofen (a small town close to my hometown) one day and this is what we got to see:
Hoffentlich gehen euch unsere Dtld Bilder noch nicht auf die Nerven, denn hier sind noch mal ein paar. All diese Bilder wurden in Iphofen gemacht, einer kleinen Stadt in der Naehe von Kitzingen.


  1. What a quaint and lovely place!! Thanks for sharing....I never tire of seeing far away places.

  2. Gosh, seeing your pictures makes me wish I could see it in real life for myself! Lovely photos, and looks like you had a lovely time as well.

  3. Sehr schöne Bilder!
    Wir hätten bei Euch echt Probleme wo wir doch nur Fahrrad fahren! Heute waren wir 3 Stunden mit dem Rad unterwegs! Es war zwar heiß aber wenn man fährt weht doch der Wind immer gut zum abkühlen. Man darf nur nicht anhalten !

  4. This is such a beautiful and quaint town. When I think of Germany, this is what I picture it to be like.
    Have a great weekend. Suz

  5. I love German (and European) architecture!

    Diese Gebaeude geben mir Heimweh...ich werde nie langweilig sie anzuschauen, Anke. Wie kann man die einfach nicht gern haben, die schoenen Brunnen und die viel schoenes "eye candy" zum geniessen. Danke schoen fuer die Bilder.

    Have a nice weekend and stay cool!
    Doris :-)

  6. Viewing your pictures of Germany is something that I would never tire of, Anke. This post especially brought back memories of the time we spent in Switzerland. All of the wonderful architecture...the beautiful intricate wooden patterns on the houses...the wonderful window boxes of beautiful flowers...and the immaculate streets! Another thing I enjoyed was when there would be sections of the town that would be blocked off from traffic so that one could just meander along enjoying the whole experience! There was a post earlier that you did of another town close to your hometown that made me think of that time, also...the narrow streets! Thank you SO much, Anke, for sharing these pictures.

    Congratulations on this produce you've been blessed with through your labors! Your canned pickles were especially pretty. I want to try your recipes...everything looks like it came right from a magazine!

    Thank you for stopping by. Yes, my hubby made the rock flower bed for me. I have another one in the middle of our side yard that he made as well. It will be coming along in Monday's post. What makes them really special to me, is that not only did he make the beds for me, but he hand picked the rocks...field stones actually...out at his brother's farm...lugged them home and then made the beds.

    I also wanted to mention that along about Thursday of next week there will be a post with pictures of the cucumber raised bed with the wire.

    Take care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. We drive about two hours from here tomorrow morning to meet our son-in-law so that we can bring our grandson home with us for the week next week. Then next weekend our daughter and son-in-law will be coming to spend a couple of days and take Josh home with them. I'm looking forward to having some time to spend with my's been a while.

  7. oh ich schaue gerne solche Fotos an.Reise solche Orte auch gerne an.

  8. Never tired! And thank you for sharing, they are just lovely :-)

  9. Hallo Anke,
    ich muß Dich mal etwas wichtige fragen. Ich überlege gerade für erik Schuhe in den Staaten zu bestellen. Er hätte ja gerne noch normale chuck ( Nicht Baseballschuhe) Bei euch sind sie doch um die Hälfte billiger. Nun meine Frage welche Größe ist den 44 in den Staaten ? Wäre schön wenn Du mir die frage beantworten könntest. Hier kosten die Dinger 66 bis 70 €!
    und einen schönen Tag

  10. Thanks for sharing your pictures from Germany. Makes me long to get back to Switzerland to visit family again. Some of them are arriving here in the U.S. to visit this month for the first time.

  11. Simply beautiful! I always love looking at the photos, and I enjoy seeing how they always have such beautiful window boxes. I try, but we have been having the heat. My mom spoke to my uncle today, and he complained about how hot it was over there too.
    By the way, I love the fountain photo of the lady with all the flowers around!
    Take Care,