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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As promised here are a few pictures from our visit. We enjoy visiting with our family and friends but it is VERY cold here.
I don't have a lot of time to write, so I'll keep it short and sweet...
This is the "city hall" in Sickershausen, the town I grew up in.
Wie versprochen hier ein paar Bilder von unserem Dtld Besuch. Wir geniessen unsere Zeit mit Familie und Freunden, aber es ist sehr sehr kalt hier. Ich habe nicht viel Zeit zu schreiben, deshalb mache ich es kurz und buendig.
Das Rathaus in Sickershausen, das Dorf in dem ich aufgewachsen bin.The protestant church my parents got married in, I was baptised in, had my confirmation and Greg and I got married in.
Die evangelische Kirche in der meine Eltern geheiratet haben, ich getauft wurde, meine Konfirmation hatte und Greg und ich geheiratet hatten.
We went to Schwabach yesterday and walked around town. It is a beatiful town and we loved visiting there - again.
Gestern waren wir in Schwabach und sind viel herum gelaufen. Schwabach ist eine wunderschoene Stadt und wir waren uebergluecklich wieder mal hier zu sein.
Schwabach is a "gold town" and there are lots of things covered in gold leaf. This is the city hall with it's golden roofs.
Schwabach ist als Goldschlaegerstadt bekannt und viele Sachen sind mit Blattgold verziert. Das ist der Rathauserker, ist er nicht schoen?

More of the gold leaf...
Der andere Erker...
It is the most beautiful city hall I have ever seen!
Schwabach hat das schoenste Rathaus das ich je gesehen habe!
The fountain on the market square... Hannah and her best friend are sitting on the fountain, Nadia and her best friend are running towards it.
Der Brunnen auf dem Marktplatz. Hannah und ihre beste Freundin sitzen auf dem Brunnen und Nadia und ihre Freundin rennen darauf zu.


  1. Ich wünsche Euch noch eine wunderbare Zeit!
    Auch wenn es hier so kalt ist.

  2. that is the most beautiful city hall, anke:) oh thank you for sharing your pictures. what a lovely hometown you have! simply enchanting. so fun to see the girls and the fountain:)glad you had a wonderful visit

  3. Ich bin froh, dass ihr dort einen schoenen Besuch habt. Die Bilder schauen so heimatlich aus. Ich freue mich dass es Euch gefaellt und wuensche Euch noch eine schoene Zeit.

    Bis bald und auf Wiedersehen!

  4. This looks amazing!!!! Enjoy your visit.

  5. What a pretty town. Worth the views, even if it is chilly!

  6. Oh Anke, it was so wonderful to see a post from you. LOVE the pictures! Everything is so beautiful and so so clean! Thank you for taking the time to share the pics. Hugs to you and the girls.

  7. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Such a lovely town! I would love to visit Germany some day.

  8. Hallo Anke,

    also ssooooo genau hab ich mir Schwabach noch nie angesehen, aber jetzt, wo Du es sagst...stimmt, ist ne sehr schöne Stadt ! Ich wünsch Dir ganz viele tolle Begegnungen und Freude, und ein wenig Sonne fürs Gemüt und die Gänsehaut :-)


  9. Liebe Anke,
    danke, dass Du uns Bilder aus Deiner Heimatstadt zeigst...
    und wünsche Dir dort noch eine schöne, erinnerungsreiche Zeit mit vielen Freuden- und Glücksmomenten...

    Liebe Grüße schickt Dir Traudi

  10. idyllic! Germany is beautiful. Hope you are having a wonderful time there!!!

    Safe travels,

  11. Ever since the soccer World Cup a couple of years ago I've wanted to visit Germany. It is incredibly neat and beautiful. Have a lovely holiday. Kim :)

  12. Ich vermisse Deutchland! Waaaah! Did I tell you I lived there for two years a couple of decades ago? then married a german? (we divorced a long time ago though, lol). sigh. good memories... i would love to go back for a visit someday. Looks like you're having a great time, despite the chilly weather - more pics, please! :)

  13. Hi Anke! I am glad that you are having a wonderful time with your family, and the girls being able to have fun with their friends! What a beautiful town you grew up in, but of course I think all of Germany is beautiful!!! My cousin had said last week how cold it was (near Hamburg). I hope that the weather warms up for you soon! Have a wonderful time, and look forward to seeing more photos when you are back home! Grusse deine familie fur mich.
    Take Care!

  14. Hello Anke,
    I'm not sure if you have opportunity to sneak a peak at your blog any or not, but JUST IN CASE you do...I wanted to take a minute and say thank you! :) `

  15. I just noticed on my Feedjit that someone from Huntsville, AL visited my blog. I'm hoping that means that you are home from Germany. ;) Just thought I'd pop over and say hello, just in case it was you! :-) Our granddaughters are going to arrive Saturday night to spend next week with I won't be on here much, but I'll be checking back to see if there is anything up from you. If you are back in the US, WELCOME HOME!